Organic Versus Non-Organic Foods

In today's agricultural farming, mass production is the name of the game. What can a farm do to get more, more, more produce off of the land with as little loss as possible due to illness or infestation? What that means for the consumer is that you are unknowingly subjected to hormones and harsh chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers used on crops and animals before it enters the grocery store. The land is overused and the food produced has fewer vitamins than the food of our ancestors.

Benefits of Organic Foods

Are organic food items better for you? There are certain facts that cannot be denied.

  • Organic produce is not exposed to synthetic pesticides.

  • Organic farms use organic fertilizer from farm animals to put nutrients back into the soil.

  • Organic food is regulated by national and international government agencies.

  • Food that is grown by conventional farming is laden with chemicals. These chemicals are poisonous for an unsuspecting insect or other animal, yet are supposedly suitable for human consumption. What amount of these toxins will it take to cause deleterious effects in humans?

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