Spells and Chants

Spells and chants are the most common form of magical workings performed during ritual. Spells and chants can also be used outside of ritual space, should the need arise.

A chant can be used to invoke a deity, call a quarter, cast the circle, raise energy during ritual, or charge a magical item so it will continue the magic once the spell is done. Chants typically rhyme, and they are repeated several times to reinforce the power of the spell or ritual, so they should be short enough to be easily remembered. Chants can be spoken or sung, but singing is more common. You can find several CDs that contain elemental, circle, or invocation chants.

Chants can also be said outside of ritual. For example, if you are facing a challenge at work, you might say a quick chant to release the pressure and help you focus. Usually this would be a chant that you said in ritual, which you are now using to give the spell a boost or draw that energy back up.

A spell is more specifically associated with magic, and a spell may contain a chant. Spells are usually done inside a magical circle for the practitioner's protection, although some Wiccans choose to forgo the circle for simple spells. A spell usually involves several steps and may include candles, oil, incense, and visualization. All of the items are carefully selected to amplify the power and help achieve the desired results. The deity invoked should be related to the desired result.

Both chants and spells can involve lengthy preparation, especially if you prefer to write rhyming chants and invocations. When you first begin performing spells, you may wish to consult one of the many books on the topic and use spells written by others. Over time, you'll be able to write your own spells, and eventually you may choose not to write spells down ahead of time, and instead gather the necessary materials and then say the words that come to you once you are in ritual space.

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