Setting up an Altar

Altars serve as a focus for worship. Most Wiccans have at least one altar in their home. They may also use a separate, specially erected altar during rituals and spells. Group sabbats generally take place around an altar set up specifically for that ritual.

Keep your altar neat and dust-free. Leaving your altar in a state of disarray will reflect back on your life, causing it to be in disarray. Updating it seasonally forces you to keep your altar current and tidy.

Permanent home altars take many forms. Some people have one household altar that holds a representation of the god and goddess and the elements, magical tools, and any items charged or created during a spell. Many Wiccans choose to update their main altar seasonally by adding or removing items pertaining to the current sabbat or changing the altar cloth. Some Wiccans have individual altars for each member of their family, or altars for different rooms, for example, an abundance altar in the kitchen or a love altar in the bedroom.

The first time you set up an altar, perform a ritual to consecrate it. Begin by ritually cleansing the area where it will be, then set it up. As you lay each object on the altar, consecrate those that haven't been consecrated yet, and state their purpose on the altar. Over time, you may add new quarter representations, tools, or new god and goddess depictions.

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