Astrology and Wicca

Many Wiccans closely follow astrology. In addition to knowing their sun signs (the position of the sun in the zodiac when they were born), they are aware of their moon signs (the position of the moon in the zodiac when they were born), and the positions of all the other planets in the signs as well. There are several computer programs that can provide you with a birth chart. You can also run transited charts, which tell you which signs your planets have migrated to.

Check Your Timing

Before doing magic, some Wiccans consult an astrological calendar to determine which phase the moon is in, if the moon is in a sign favorable to working, and whether or not the moon is void-of-course, an astrological term meaning it is not in any sign. Moon void-of-course periods, which can be a few minutes to an entire day in length, are considered bad times to perform magic or make legal agreements or new contacts.

It is also important to check if Mercury is in retrograde (when Mercury appears to be traveling backward in its orbit as viewed from the earth). Mercury goes retrograde approximately four times a year, for roughly three weeks at a time. During Mercury retrogrades, it is unwise to sign contracts or start new projects and you should use extra caution when driving. It is also wise to back up your computer files and avoid buying new electronic equipment.

If you find yourself having a lot of arguments or muddled communications, check the calendar. Mercury might just be in retrograde or the moon may be void-of-course.

Planetary Correspondences

Each planet is associated with specific signs, elements, colors, planets, herbs, stones, and properties. These are the items to consider when consulting an astrological calendar to determine which sign the moon should be in when you perform your spell. Choosing the sign ruled by the most beneficial planet is helpful. You can also consider stones and other items that will boost the energy of your spell.

Daily Correspondences

In addition to the planetary correspondences, each day of the week is also associated with a sign, color, stone, herb, and specific properties. You may wish to choose a day for your spell before considering the planetary aspects, because the two are closely aligned.

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