Fear of Embarrassment

More like an extreme social phobia, this kind of OCD plagues the sufferer with unreasonable fears about unwittingly embarrassing herself or being humiliated in public. She may also worry about shouting out inappropriate words or ideas. While people who have coprolalia (a rare form of Tourette's syndrome) actually do involuntarily shout obscenities or inappropriate remarks, some people with OCD fear that they will do so, or that they unknowingly have.

There is another kind of recently identified OCD, perhaps related to fear of embarrassment, possibly more closely connected to body dysmorphic disorder, in which the patient believes he (or, more commonly, a part of his body) smells bad and is offensive to others. Persons who have this disorder typically try all kinds of external and medicinal remedies and, as in other types of OCD, seek reassurance; however, they do not usually benefit from it, as they tend to disbelieve whatever reassurance they receive.


Some peoples' OC fears conflict with others' OC fears. For instance, some OCD sufferers feel as if they must touch the same outdoor objects every time they pass them, or they will feel uneasy. Others — those who are germ phobic, for instance — fear nothing more than having to touch outdoor objects.

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