Your Natural Talent Number

So, what is this next formula that completes the initial unit you have to work with? It's the numerology formula you use to determine your natural talents. To calculate your talent number, follow these steps:

  • Write out your full name (first, middle, and last) in capital letters. Shape your letters in the old numerological way, as you have seen it done in this book!

  • Write the correct root number below each letter. Again, shape your numbers in the old numerological way!

  • Then, add up all the root numbers together. The result is your talent number.

For example, here is how to calculate the natural talent number for Janet Taylor:

Now, it's your turn:

The Natural Talent for 1

You are the one who goes forth undaunted. You go where others fear to tread to light the path and show the way. You are the first to be there. This puts you into the ranks of leadership, like this:

  • Pioneer

  • Inventor

  • Originator

  • Chief executive officer (of corporation)

  • Head of the house

  • Self-employed

You spur others to action. You create movement. The force of your pioneering enthusiasm creates the cutting edge for the rest of us.

The Natural Talent for 2

You are a graceful fit. You make another's companion beautifully. You can understand where another is coming from. You love being in friendship and relationship. Being alone for too long is like walking with one high-heeled shoe on. You excel at people-oriented things and the serving professions, like these:

  • Teaching

  • Psychic/medium

  • Counselor

  • Secretary

  • Nurse

  • Child-care or elder-care provider

  • Diplomat

  • Networker

Any form of art that has several people in it, like dancing, singing, or writing, is an excellent area of pursuit for you. You would do well as a group leader of personal growth experiences, a massage therapist, or a body worker. You provide the environment that is the gentle glue that helps others feel more loved, understood, settled down, and comfy.

The Natural Talent for 3

You are the spark of fun. You bring the pure joy of being alive to life itself. You are the butterfly who reminds the tiller of the soil to look up and see all the beauty that surrounds him. You are the happy networker for fun. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. You are the breath of fresh air in a stale life. You make a wonderful teacher if you like what you are teaching. The following areas of pursuit are made for you:

  • Singer

  • Spiritual teacher

  • Couture designer

  • Creator of breathtaking jewelry

  • Counselor who finds better employment for people

  • Fund-raiser

  • Hostess par excellence

  • Esthetician/nail and hair care

  • Energy worker

You have great personal charisma. Even if you are having a rare bad day, you nourish and refresh the people around you.

The Natural Talent for 4

You are the solid one, but you're not a bit boring. You bring order into chaos. You make sense out of the crazy aspects of life. You encourage people to have belief in themselves that is practical. You are the glue that binds. You are the teacher of tradition and wise truths. You are the practical contributor to humans. You can be any of the following things:

  • Technician

  • Accountant

  • Professor

  • Doctor

  • Law-and-order official

  • Farmer

  • Teacher of older children

  • Architect/builder

You're a great organizer and counselor, a gentle leader, and the type of person who understands trends. You provide the foundation, and what's more, you show others how to create one for themselves.

The Natural Talent for 5

You are the zippy electricity of action. You are the traveler and connoisseur. You are the one who shakes them up and then moves them along. You are action, the Energizer Bunny in life. You like challenge, prominence, and the limelight. You excel at moving things along. The following pursuits are made for you:

  • Travel agent

  • Lawyer

  • Politician

  • Actor

  • Master of ceremonies

  • Inventor

  • Travel agent, travel writer, any travel-associated work

  • Great mayor/civic leader

  • CIA agent

  • Researcher in electricity, science, and aspects of medicine

  • Computer whiz

  • Athlete

  • Winner!

The Natural Talent for 6

You are the nurturer. You are filled with compassion. You are overflowing with understanding and the desire to have more. You comfort, and in doing so, you create security. You nurture and calm the weary. You are the embodiment of gentleness and a firm hand. You excel at things like the following:

  • Alternative and holistic medicine

  • Hospital administrator

  • Social/welfare worker

  • Teacher, especially of younger kids

  • Chef or restaurateur

  • Bed and breakfast proprietor

  • Hotel owner/manager/maid

  • Vacation planner

  • Musician

  • Writer

The Natural Talent for 7

You are the mysterious one. You hold the keys to the intelligent way. You are the restless seeker. You can withstand public pressure and unpopularity. You march to the beat of your own drum. You are excellent at seeking out the underside of the issue. You excel at doing the job well and taking the heat if need be. You shine at pursuits like the following:

  • Judge

  • Lawmaker

  • Policy planner

  • Lawyer

  • Mystery writer

  • Banking/financial management

  • FBI agent

  • Highly skilled accountant

  • Artist who works with detail and excellence

  • Teacher of anything philosophical

The Natural Talent for 8

You are the essence of your own personal motto: Love everyone, trust few, and paddle your own canoe! You are the big boss. You are the one who makes the plans. You expect success. You think big, and you think the complete picture. You rely on your own decision-making skill. You inspire others with the overview that leads to success. You excel at things like these:

  • Chief executive officer (of corporation)

  • Chief information officer (of corporation)

  • Financial manager

  • Big business owner

  • Owner of your own business

  • Organizer

  • Art promoter or patron

  • Designer of dramatic clothing

  • Career counselor

  • Fund-raiser

  • School principal

  • Community leader

The Natural Talent for 9

You are the teacher of spiritual essence as a part of life. You are the natural healer. You are the lover of animals. You are the humanitarian concerned for all. You are the extender of life and faith. You excel at things like the following:

  • Minister, rabbi, or spiritual guru

  • Spiritual reformer

  • Mystic counselor

  • Psychic

  • Doctor of medicine

  • Practitioner of holistic arts

  • Energy worker/acupuncturist

  • Composer/writer

  • Charity fund-raiser

  • Motivational speaker

  • Veterinarian

The Natural Talent for 11

You have been given the task of expressing spiritual qualities well! You are sustained by the universe. You have a vision for humanity. You have a reformer's hopes and dreams. You are blessed with understanding. You always see a way it can be better. You are the spiritual teacher's spiritual teacher. You excel at pursuits like these:

  • Spiritual worker

  • Writer/poet

  • Minister

  • Artist (drawing/painting)

  • Chorale leader/musician/choir director

  • Charity provider in any role

  • Motivational speaker

  • Professional advisor

The Natural Talent for 12

You are the builder's builder. You are the practical mover who gets others to produce. You are the heart and soul of stability. You are the manifester. You have a very strong will. You excel at pursuits like these:

  • Reformer of a culture

  • Business executive who makes it better and bigger

  • The unifier of the family

  • Teacher of how to do it bigger and better

  • President/governor

  • Leader in world affairs

  • Benefactor

  • Organizer of community programs

Get the idea? There are lists and lists of potential jobs for any essence. Read the lists here, get the feel of yours, and explore for the essential talents that might be just the right one for you! Read the ones that directly apply to you, then get a job reference book at the library. Look up categories and see all that is offered in these fairly general categories.

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