Lucky in Love

Your soul essence number is your lucky-in-love number. Have you ever heard the phrase “If you want love, then be it”? Your soul essence number is your energetic coordinate to a happy love life. Why is that, you might wonder. The soul is the essence of love. Your soul essence number–one of the nine root numbers, and one of the two master numbers–is your source of ultimate joy and love while in the midst of life and all of its beauty and challenges.

To review, we have ten essence numbers–1 through 9, and 10, which includes everything and adjusts to a different type of 1–because Earth is a 10 vibration planet. In addition to the nine essential essences, there are the 11 and 22 master numbers.

How can you take charge of your essence number in a way that allows you to feel the effects of its joy more deeply in your life? We are talking about energy here that is identified by a number and the characteristics that are the qualities of that number. This is a flow of energy from the universe to Earth that makes up a larger flow called time.

Get It to Work for You

To connect deeply and fully with your soul essence number, you need to do some inner work. Since this is your soul essence, it is, of course, always there. It is essentially you–the essence of you, which you can't separate from.

However, you can deepen your skill at managing it. You can hone your awareness in living more closely to its ever present gifts. You can develop greater clarity on the components of your essential nature, and in this process of you coming to know your inner world, you will have more and more love as a part of you and your life.

Love is the great mystery, but we all seek it and it seeks us. In Kahlil Gibran's great words, “Think not that you can guide the course of love, for love–if it finds you worthy–will guide your course.” Gibran surely meant “worthy” in the sense of being able to feel love, respond to it, express it, and receive it. With this in mind, let's explore some good ways to feel your essence, respond to it, express it, and receive it!

Try a Variety of Techniques

Your soul essence number is your key to love. Here are your ways to engage this love essence of you more fully in your daily thoughts, actions, feelings, and expressions. Note that of the exercises below, the final seven are particularly powerful.

  • Tap out your soul essence number with your fingertips on a surface.

  • Breathe a big breath and inwardly count the inhale and exhale so the breath is a measured breath inhaling and exhaling to the count of your soul essence number. (If your essence is a 1 or 2, count slowly. If it is 8 or 9, count more quickly, but keep it easy, relaxed, and measured.)

  • Lightly squeeze the tip of your nose the same count number as your soul essence.

  • Look at something pleasant and blink your eyes the same number as your soul essence.

  • Stand on the earth, and curl your toes into the grass the same number of times as your essence.

  • Pick flowers, collect rocks, or line up sticks the same number as your soul essence.

  • Count your steps to your essence number as you walk.

  • Write a word that you like the same number of times as your essence number.

  • Look for the symbol shapes in the world around you: circles, semicircles, triangles, straight lines. When you see one, construct it mentally into your essence number.

  • Are you the impatient type? Tap your foot or wiggle your legs to the beat of your soul essence number.

  • Doodle the symbol or joined symbols that make up your number. Look to the stars to find it.

  • Do or have done an artistic rendering of the number and just look at it each day.

  • Think about the number. Repeat it mentally over and over a few times; visualizing the number with a variety of colors.

  • Imagine a fragrance associated with your soul essence number, and breathe it while you think about the color.

  • Look into nature and see how many times you can see your soul essence number replicated in the forms of nature.

  • Count things, anything really, in a series of your essence number.

  • Tap your fingertips against your thumbs the same number of times as your soul essence number.

  • Look for your soul essence number in arts, photographs, and graphic images. Imagine if your soul essence number had a feeling to it, what would it feel like? This feeling state may change from time to time. That's fine.

  • Count in repeated counting repetitions or runs.

  • Move in rhythmic movement, synchronizing with your counting sequence. If your number had a sound, how would it sound?

  • Do you lift weights in repetitions? Curl your eyelashes? Tap your fingers on a surface? Walk to release stress? Do each one in the repetitions of your soul essence number.

Be wonderfully creative. You are learning to heighten and then automatically fine-tune your soul/love essence. Each time you draw, smell, see, hear, or taste it, you have consciously become well anchored into the flow of your soul/love essence number.

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