Causes of Stress

There are many causes of stress in a teacher's life — administrative red tape, student disruptions, noise, the demands of the job, and the personal pressure teachers put on themselves each day. If you often feel your heart pounding and are always on edge, then you are experiencing stress.

Over time, this wears on your body and can cause you to be very sick. The effects of stress can lead to illness and even death, so it is not something to play around with. Before you learn how to manage your stress, you need to figure out what causes it.

External Factors

Most of the stress you will experience as a teacher will be caused by your job. External forces will be pulling you in many different directions. Some of the biggest stress for teachers comes with major changes in their school. It seems that at some schools the administration feels the need to make significant changes each summer. These changes might range from switching to a different class schedule to changing the entire structure of the school.

Another huge source of stress comes from the students themselves. Most students you will encounter are courteous and respectful. However, every year there will be at least one class that you dread. Often, the reason is one or a few students who give you grief — and if you do not have a good handle on discipline, the misbehaviors that arise will be very hard to take. Another source of stress comes from noise. If you cannot keep your students quiet and under control, you could be headed for disaster.

Stress is related to digestive problems, such as constipation and ulcers. It is also connected with headaches and migraines. People who have very stressful jobs are more prone to heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Internal Factors

Teachers are often toughest on themselves; they expect a lot of themselves each and every day. If you never allow yourself to make a mistake or have an off day, you will eventually burn out. You must find a way to stay grounded as you go through the school year. Remember what is really important to you as you approach each day. The fact is that internal stressors are often the hardest to change.

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