Toasting Basics

You may not be the one toasting the bride and groom at the reception, but there are several reasons why the mother of the bride needs to know how to toast. The best man may start to sweat when he realizes he left his written speech in the hotel room. The maid of honor, asked by the bride to give a small toast, freezes up at the last second. The MOB is typically the one that everyone turns to in the case of a “toast” emergency. Why? You know everything about the bride, and know exactly what to say — with poise, passion, and grace. Follow these toasting basics:

  • Remember that the focus of wedding toasts should be the bride and groom. Do not go into long litanies about your personal history with them.

  • Most toasts are typically short. If a toast is done correctly, anything from two to three sentences to one minute's worth of talking is more than enough to convey a special message to the happy couple.

  • Avoid inside jokes. Focus on one fantastic anecdote or one truth about the couple's love for one another.

  • Always stand, raise your glass, and keep some level of eye contact with the bride and groom.

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