Massage and Intimacy

Intimacy is the detailed knowledge you share with someone that is the result of a long or close association, such as the relationship you have with yourself, your family, or your romantic partner. Any loving, compassionate touch is intimate. To touch with tenderness communicates an intimate knowledge that needs no other form of expression. Massage speaks volumes as the giver and the receiver participate in an exchange of energy through the language of touch.

The Role of the Giver

As the giver, you are involved in one of the most delightful experiences of life, the joy of giving pleasurable touch. Through massage you give your partner a time of relaxation, a time to release all stress and to feel free, light, and alive. This is a time of listening through your hands as the silent language from your massage partner guides your hands to areas of tension and pain. You create a warm, safe atmosphere that allows your receiver to let go, allowing you to create a relaxing rhythm of pleasurable sensation.

The Role of the Receiver

To receive is an essential component of intimacy. Many people find it hard to give up control, to let someone else be in charge, and therefore find it easier to give than to receive. Letting go is a journey along the road of trust; to receive in massage is to accept quietly. The delicious sensations that radiate through your body when you are the receiver are to be enjoyed without reservation. Relish the silent space, think of nothing, and float freely. Be still, be at peace, and breathe.

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