Create Your Own Routine

There is no set routine for sensual massage. Your hands listen to the needs of the body beneath; you will feel the map of tension, stress, taut muscles, old pain, and tight joints. When you first place your hands on the back of your partner, close your eyes and see what information your hands receive. Imagine that you are involved in a dance and follow the lead of your partner. In fact, see what music your receiver would like to relax to and move your body with the rhythm of the beat.

Massage strokes are more effective when you move your body, and an instrumental piece with a soothing tempo allows you to move with ease. Set a pace and work your pattern with the music as your receiver relaxes. Your hands move to the music and your body becomes a fluid expression of the sound; you are involved in the sensual and intimate dance of massage. When it is your turn to be massaged, pick your music and relax as your giver moves with the flow.

Have fun inventing variations and improving different massages as you enjoy each other and the time together. There are many creative ideas that you can implement. Try one of the following options to get started:

  • Give a massage in the tub using bath oil to work on the muscles of your partner.

  • Find massage oil scented with your favorite flavor, such as strawberry or vanilla.

  • Give a massage using only one or two strokes, not your favorites, and see what happens.

  • Have a picnic and tuck massage oil in the basket so you can massage outdoors.

  • Massage only the hands, or feet, or face, but spend at least twenty minutes on that one area.

  • Show up at your partner's job and give a chair massage.

Communicate your thoughts and desires to your partner and be creative together. Take the time to invent intimate moments and enjoy exploring with each other. Massage is a form of loving communication that you can give and receive. Learning to relax and feel pleasurable touch is a gift you both can enjoy long after the experience.

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