Hot Rock Massage

Hot rock massage works with the chakra system, utilizing stones. The stones are heated in warm water to bring soothing heat to the area of each chakra and the surrounding areas. Generally the stones are river stones or basalt stones, or you can use any stone you find on the beach or the riverbank. Try to find smooth, flat ones starting about three inches in diameter on down to about one inch around. You'll need about 10 to 15 altogether.

Some people prefer to use crystals that reflect the color of the chakras. Whatever you choose, the basic concept is to stimulate the area through the use of the stone. An added benefit is that the stone does the work, not your hands.

To prepare the stones, place them in a glass container with hot water and leave them to soak, allowing the heat to penetrate into the stones.

With your receiver lying facedown, place a large flat stone, about three inches in diameter, on the root chakra, at the base of the spine. Follow up the spine, gently placing a warm stone at each chakra, picking smaller stones as you move up the body. Once you have positioned the chakra stones you can use a warm round stone that fits into the palm of your hand to gently glide up the calves, stopping just below the knee. Glide up over the calf muscle on both legs and then move to the buttocks.


Always use a slotted spoon or prongs to remove the stones. Do not reach your hand into the hot water, and be sure to check the stones before placing them on the body of your recipient. If you cannot comfortably hold the stone do not put it on your receiver. When the stone can be held comfortably it is ready to be used.

Gently glide over the hip and glute region, exchanging stones when the one you are using becomes cool. Feel how easy and smooth the movements are and make sure to check with your receiver about your pressure; do not press too hard. Remove the stones from the chakra areas and use a warm stone in your palm to glide over the back muscles. Do not glide directly on the spine or neck.

To complete the session use your fingertips to gently stroke over the back, and then press your hands firmly on the shoulders to indicate that this massage is over. Hot rock massage tones and stimulates, relaxing the muscles while the heat penetrates deeply into the muscle bellies.

Aromatic essential oils, crystals, energy wheels, and color combine to give you a wonderful experience. The world of massage is as wide as you wish it to be, with many exciting avenues waiting to be explored. Follow what interests you and there will be more to explore on this infinite journey.

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