Stores for Macrobiotic Supplies

Kushi Institute Store

This is a good source for all macrobiotic foods, books, and cooking utensils. Look for all-in-one package deals, such as pressure cooker with grains, beans, condiments, and packaged foods.

Kendall Food Company

448 Huntington Road Worthington, MA 01098 (413) 238-5928

This company offers high-quality mochi, amasake, and natto for bulk mail order.

Rhapsody Natural Foods

This site provides local, organic, unprocessed, healthy, and delicious foods from Vermont. It sells high-quality amasake and tempeh through the web.

South River Miso Company

This company specializes in hand-crafted miso and koji made according to Japanese tradition. It carries many varieties of miso, including sweet white, chickpea, barley, brown rice, aduki, and millet.

Natural Import Company

This site offers a complete selection of macrobiotic natural foods. Because of its commitment to quality, the company offers foods that are grown, produced, and created by actual families.

Goldmine Natural Foods Company

This company specializes in organic foods, natural cookware, and home products. It offers top-quality macrobiotic products that support the balance of body, mind, spirit, and life.

Whole Foods

This is a natural food store that carries many macrobiotics staples and condiments. It also offers fresh seasonal fish that is closely monitored to meet quality standards.

Trader Joe's

This store is located throughout the United States and carries organic produce, canned foods, and dried products under its own brand. It offers many foods at lower prices than other natural food stores.

This is an excellent site to buy fresh chestnuts, sea vegetables, dried shiitakes, and many other macrobiotic items in bulk. It offers discount pricing and free shipping with a minimum order.

The Fillo Factory

This company specializes in organic natural vegan and vegetarian phyllo dough and phyllo dough products, including whole wheat and spelt phyllo dough. It includes a search tool to locate phyllo dough in your area.

Eden Foods

Located in Michigan, this is the oldest natural food source in North America and also the largest independent manufacturer of dry organic foods. It offers a wide variety of organic food based on macrobiotic principles.

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