Connecting with Universal Energies

Connecting with energy to charge and do magick is very important because charged energy empowers the intent to manifest. There are many ways to connect to energy to do magick. By raising and harnessing energy, you allow it to mingle with your own and it becomes an instrument of your will. Here are some ways to connect with the universal energy.


Meditation heightens your awareness and lends you the ability to concentrate. With meditation, you can learn to experience astral travel and transcend levels of consciousness where the greatest of magick can be accomplished.


“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” — Sivananda (1887–1963), Hindu religious leader


Praying is simply reaching out to your higher power. This gesture automatically puts you in the frame of mind to talk and listen to any and all messages you may receive. It is an open dialogue exclusively between you and the company of the energies you seek.


Invocation is an empowered prayer with rituals or specially written phrases repeated by the user to invite a being, deity, or spirit into magickal working. Also compared to summoning, you respectfully request an audience. By invoking the presence of an unseen force, you personally invite this being into your life and space for some sort of relationship, however long or short.


Channeling allows you to physically experience the energy you are calling on. You physically allow the energies, deity, or spirit to use your human abilities for communicating. This is very difficult and takes years of training, but if you are lucky enough to find someone who can honestly and legitimately perform this, it is rewarding to have that first-hand type of conversation and confirmation.


Never invoke or channel without full understanding of what it is you are doing and who you are asking to connect with. It is very important that you do all research before calling on something or you could end up with some very scary results.


Dancing can quickly raise your energy to a positive state. Allow yourself to revert just a bit to a carefree child and get out and cut loose in whatever way makes you feel free. Remember what it was like to run around a playground and raise your excitement level? When you are in a positive, heightened state, confidence levels are raised and the ability to accomplish things becomes easier.


Much like dancing, drumming beats and rattles put that wonderful pounding in your heart and head. It enhances energies and psychic awareness. Feel the vibrations from the drums as they affect your whole body. Rhythmic drumming stimulates the brain into a waking dream state where channels for manifestation work the best.


Drumming has been used for centuries by different shamanic cultures. You can find drums to purchase in an array of styles, including Celtic, Aboriginal, African, and Native American.


Chanting is an ancient practice still used today in many religions. It has been used for magick, exorcism, and other spiritual practices. Chanting mantras and magickal phrases raises your conscious and subconscious mind to the vibrations around you. Certain chants, “seed sounds,” have meanings to bring about specific effects. Combine chanting with dancing and drumming. States of consciousness can become powerfully frenzied by this repetitive way of raising energy.

Sacred Breathing

Sacred breathing, also known as pranayama, is the art of controlled breathing with meditation. This style of breathing allows universal life force energy to enter your body and be channeled properly. Focusing solely on your breath allows you to reach deeper states of relaxation, which quiets your mind and opens channels of communication. You are essentially breathing in the divine.

Casting a Circle

This is a more complex way of raising energy and connecting with higher beings. “Calling” or “casting” a circle is when you invite the four directions or “quarters” to come and be a part of your magickal workings. You define a space by harnessing energy, charging it, and spreading energy in a 360-degree clockwise motion. This creates a formal sacred space where you are protected and watched over for magickal manifestations and communication. The four directions — North, East, South, and West — each have a corresponding element which carries its own properties.

  • North and the element of earth symbolize stability, fertility, growth, matters of the home, and animals of the wood.

  • East and the element of air symbolize communication, travel, intellect, and musings.

  • South and the element of fire symbolize raw creative energies, passion, severe healing, spontaneity, motivation, and courage.

  • West and the element of water symbolize healing and all things deeply emotional and spiritual.

Potions and Wine

Potions and herbal concoctions open channels for communication and raise your energy vibration. Use kitchen witchery to bring about awareness through food. A nice spiced wine can relax you and allow your mind to open to the energies around you.


Incenses have been used for centuries to raise energy vibrations and connect with energies. Burning incense not only creates a wonderful atmospheric scent, but the scent itself can open up your mind's eye and invite the raising of energies.

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