Protecting Your Love

The desire to protect loved ones from pain and harm is strong. No one wants to see loved ones fall into the hands of danger, and a nurturing instinct drives you to heal and “band-aid” everything you can. Life teaches us all lessons through difficult experiences, so it is impossible to prevent all hardships. However, you can ask Spirit, guides, and guardian angels to your keep loved ones from unnecessary danger or strife.

The Watchful Eye

This powerful protection spell calls upon the goddess Bast. Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess, is mother and nurturer to her followers. She bestows great blessings and fierce protection. Cats are sacred to her and she represents all things feminine and divine. She associates with both the sun and moon, thanks to her closeness with Ra, the sun god, and her connection with Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. Her eyes are said to glow in the dark and see everything.

3 medium-sized single terminated quartz crystals

2 medium-sized tiger's eyes for every person you wish to protect

1 World Magick Kyphi temple candle

1 medium-sized tiger's or cat's eye globe

1 small bottle of Egyptian musk oil

Host this spell on the hearth of the home. If you don't have a mantle, choose an appropriate-sized table. Tiger's eye, associated with Bast, promotes protection. Each stone will match a specific person in your family, including you. The globe represents Bast's all-seeing eye watching over your loved ones. The Kyphi candle is a traditional scent used in Egyptian temples for religious purposes and is often burned in honor of the gods. When lit, it also represents Bast's glowing eyes and it is an affirmation of her power and love. Perform this spell during the full moon phase.

  • Ground and center. Hold the largest of the quartz crystals and empower. Visualize pure white light, and activate the quartz crystal. Fill with light until you feel it buzz strongly in your hands. This will be your activator crystal for the grid. Repeat this process with the remaining quartz crystals.

  • Take the tiger's eyes and separate them into pairs, one pair for each loved one. Take each pair and charge separately. Visualize your loved one. See them clearly in your mind's eye. Concentrate on that visual while pouring universal energy into both stones at the same time. Repeat this step for each pair of tiger's eyes until you feel the stones buzz with life.

  • Hold and charge the globe. Visualize Bast in all her glory. Feel her love and protection fill your heart. Visualize her eyes opening and watching over you.

  • Take the medium-sized quartz crystals and set them on the left and right sides of your mantle, pointing in toward the center.

  • Place the Kyphi Candle in the center of the mantle.

  • Place the globe in front of the Kyphi Candle.

  • Light the candle and slowly repeat the following incantation:

    “Flame alight through day and night,

    Your watchful eyes to see.

    Em Hotep! Bast, your eyes so bright,

    I humbly summon thee.”

  • Take the activator crystal. Touch it to each stone and remaining crystals in a clockwise motion. Complete the connection by drawing an enclosed pentacle in a clockwise motion over the protection grid.

  • Take each of the tiger's eye pairs and quickly walk them through the flame of the candle while repeating the following incantation for each:

    “By your eyes aglow, Great Bast!

    Protect and bestow your blessings to last

    Upon the loved one who holds this stone.

    Your love and protection be it shone!”

  • Give each of the stones to the appropriate person it was charged for with instructions to carry it with them. Take the activator crystal and place it near or on the table of your crystal grid.

Relight the candle while reciting the incantation whenever you feel you need additional protection or simply to ask Bast's watchful eye to continue to bless you and your loved ones. Leave the bottle of Egyptian musk for her as an offering.


To make it easy to remember whose stone is whose, write the initial of each person on his or her set of stones before you charge them. You can give out the stones without misassociating the energy with the wrong person.

The Shield of Love

This spell encases a loved one in a protective shield where only love can come and go. It is designed to keep away unwanted negativity and evil while providing general protection from unnecessary harm. Craft and bless this spell at the time of the full moon.


picture of those you want to protect

clear globe ornament

black salt

dried lavender flowers

small rose quartz

small amethyst points

pink ribbon

Placing all these ingredients into your globe creates a protective shield and cushions the picture. Rose quartz promotes the unconditional shield that allows only love in and out. The amethyst transmutes any negative energy into positive and adds to the shield for warding. The salt and lavender promote general protection.

  • Take the chosen picture and roll it up. Place it in the globe.

  • Place small stones of amethyst and rose quartz in the globe.

  • Fill the remaining space with a mixture of lavender and black salt.

  • Place the top back onto the globe and seal; you may have to glue it to permanently close it.

  • Hold the completed globe and charge. Allow the universal energy to flow and activate the powers of the ingredients. Visualize pure white light and unconditional love pouring into the globe and its contents. See an aura of pure white light grow around the globe. Recite the following incantation:

    “By the power of love,

    By the power of light,

    Guard and protect with all your might,

    Ward and transmute all that is negative

    To pure love and pure light, to only what's positive.”

  • Tie the pink ribbon through the top and hang the globe in a safe place in your home where it will be undisturbed. Charge often to keep the protective shield strong and enabled.

Now with your relationships feeling strong and empowered with love, feel safe and secure that the divine is looking over your shoulder at all times. Enjoy the wonderful feelings and experiences that come from having close ties with each person in your life. Put in the time and effort to continue this enjoyment and exchange of love.

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