For the Love of Money

The number one cause of strife in a relationship is financial disharmony. Money woes are challenging and may strain a relationship to the breaking point. Here are some ways to promote monetary abundance in your relationships. While money isn't always the answer to problems, it can help when you need some added attention, fun, or a brief reprieve from negative emotions. These spells are not designed for extravagance but for financial flexibility. Remember that all abundance and prosperity takes the path of least resistance, so be open to new opportunities to enrich your life.


The rules and karmic associations of the intent to manifest apply to matters of money. Greed, a negative emotion that has no business in the journey for love and light, may create a negative pattern, blocking the path of least resistance for you to receive what you need.

Wallet Spell

This very simple spell works on a fundamental level, recognizing your need to have something in your wallet at all times. Empowering the wallet and monies that come in contact with it will help capture and multiply funds.


½ dram cobalt blue bottle

1 bottle patchouli oil

The ½ dram bottle will contain a full amount of patchouli to fill it. It is small enough to be kept in the wallet. Patchouli works well for matters of money.

  • Under the light of the full moon, fill the dram bottle with patchouli oil.

  • Hold and charge both bottles. Feel the universal energy flow. Pour all that energy into the bottles and see the properties of the oil becoming activated. Repeat the following incantation:

    “By this oil, I thee charge

    My wallet become fat and large,

    Never to be empty and always well-lined,

    I have more than enough, never needing to find.”

  • Anoint the inside of your wallet on both sides.

  • Place the little bottle in your wallet.

Whenever money is received and placed in your wallet, anoint bills and such with a small bit of oil and rub into the money. Repeat the incantation while rubbing in the oil.

Wishing Well Spell

This spell plays upon the idea of a personal wishing well. Giving a donation to the well reinforces the intent that money will come your way. This also acts as an acknowledgement and offering of thanks to the universe for the energies it lends you.


1 deep clear glass bowl

sacred water

shiny copper pennies

sea salt

1 green floating candle

patchouli oil

Create the personal wishing well using a glass bowl. Choosing clear glass allows the energy to move freely through it. Placing the copper pennies at the bottom of the bowl gives a good base for energy conduction for manifestation. The sea salt purifies the intent of the spell and the additional monies that are tossed into the well. Fill the bowl only with sacred water, water collected from a special place or charged by the light of the full moon for magickal purposes. It must be clean water; using dirty water or plain tap water taints the clarity of the energy.

  • Host the wishing well in the prosperity corner of the home.

  • Fill bowl with sacred water.

  • Take a pinch of sea salt and add it to the water.

  • Add your pennies, using only enough to lightly line the bottom of the bowl. The shinier, the better!

  • 5. Hold and charge the green floating candle. Visualize all your wishes for prosperity and abundance coming to fruition. See the contentment that comes from always having enough money to pay the bills and buy food, clothes, and the little extras that make life fun. See all financial burdens and hardships ease.

  • Rub a few drops of patchouli oil on the top of the candle in a clockwise motion.

  • Set the candle afloat in the bowl, light it, and say the following incantation:

    “Candle burn, candle bright,

    Let me make my wish tonight.

    Wish I may, wish I might

    Make a wish in love and light.

    Prosperity and abundance with me join

    Into the wishing well I toss my coin.”

  • Hold on to a coin and visualize a wish for prosperity and abundance. See it coming to fruition. Concentrate all energy into that coin, and then toss it into the well! Be careful what you wish for and extinguish only by snuffing to seal in the magickal energies for your next wish.

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