Recognizing and Releasing Old Patterns

Part of healing is recognizing and releasing old, negative patterns. These negative patterns usually keep you from having a mate. They are hard to recognize and can often be hard to accept. By recognizing these patterns, you accept that no one is perfect and acknowledge there is a way out, should you choose it. By letting go of these debilitating behaviors, which are usually ruled by fear and ego, you can transform yourself into what you desire.

Identifying Negative Behavior

Negative behaviors often start as a reaction to a traumatic experience. The trauma doesn't have to necessarily be a life or death situation; a situation that startles the mind and heart can leave scars. Fear rules the pattern and controls what you do.


Traditional holistic healers such as Reiki masters and other alternative healing practitioners believe that blocks left unresolved within the body can cause an array of illnesses. Depression, chronic fatigue, and stress can all be traced to untreated blocks. Releasing these emotional blocks is crucial in restoring positive energy flow within the body.

For instance, in the past you caught your mate cheating on you. Because of this action, you may create a block in your heart and on your emotions. Depending upon the situation, this created fear stipulates that the scenario will repeat itself in another relationship. Your ability to trust breaks down and keeps you from truly sharing love.

This is a type of block or negative pattern that should be released. Think about your own experiences and identify a situation that may have created a block for you. Recognizing the cause is an important step in regaining your ability to give and receive love.

Much like cleansing a sacred space, you to need to cleanse yourself. Like in all release work, make sure you are truly ready to let go. If you are not ready, you will waste your energy, and it will be extremely difficult to achieve release. Be prepared to cry and re-experience past traumas. This is painful, but it allows you to accept and move on.

Release and Healing Visualization

The following exercise can be used to release any type of negative block or pattern. This visualization helps you let go and start new. For the sake of consistency, the word “block” will be used, but feel free to change this to whatever you want to say, whether it is block, pattern, or negative energy.

  • Take three deep breaths. Visualize yourself relaxing and letting go of your daily stresses and activities. Ground and center.

  • Concentrate on your breathing for at least five minutes. This will allow you to reach a deeper state of relaxation.

  • Visualize the block. See the situation in your mind. Look at it from an outside perspective.

    3. Know in your heart and mind that you no longer need to hold on to this pain or fear. You are safe and secure.

  • Visualize the good life you have today and recognize any lessons that may be attached to the situation.

  • See the block in your body, and say out loud,

    “I am ready to release this block.”

  • Release your block now. Do this by visualizing, transforming the block into energy that can fill a balloon.

  • Fill your balloon with the energy of the situation. With each exhale, visualize yourself filling the balloon with all of the negative thoughts, patterns, or behaviors you are trying to release. With each inhale, visualize yourself breathing in new light and love. Say the following affirmation out loud:

    “I am ready to let go of this block.”

  • Let go of your block by visualizing yourself releasing the balloon filled with negative thoughts. In your mind, see the balloon leaving your hands and floating up toward the sky and into space, where it can be transmuted into pure white light. Say the following affirmation out loud:

    “I am ready to surrender this block and leave it in the hands of the god and goddess.”

  • Surrender the block to the god and goddess. Humbly ask for them to take the block away and let go of your ego. Be grateful for their help because it was you who initially chose to hang on to the pain. Say the following affirmation out loud:

    “I am ready to forgive myself and those who helped in creating this block.”

  • Recognize that you must forgive all aspects of the block to let go of it completely.


Some visualization and meditation techniques may help uncover painful memories. Please be advised that it is recommended to always seek medical help when dealing with issues of depression and childhood trauma. Ask your doctor if this alternative method of release is right for you.

It is normal to be angry and not want to forgive, but you must. It is an injustice to you to hold on to this negative block. By releasing your fear and surrendering to your higher love, you are taking charge of your life again. Just like eating the right foods to create a healthy body, so should you think positive thoughts and release the negative to keep a healthy mindset.


It is normal to have memory recall during this time. Some people may even feel emotionally attached to the situation that led to the block. This feeling, whatever it may be, is normal. However, you must release the feeling completely. Look at this in a positive light. You will finally be able to let go of this pain or block, should you desire.

To release these patterns and forgive, it helps to break the negative and repetitive cycle. Remember that you are only human, and it is normal for fear to creep back. This recurrence is part of the healing process and should not be condemned. In time, it should become easier to acknowledge and move past the hurt. You are meant to recognize your pattern and learn from it. You no longer need that feeling, and you see your life is wonderful and safe. Let the fear go. Have someone you know recite this visualization technique to you whenever you feel a need to release an unhealthy pattern. For added potency, seek the help of a Reiki professional to help you on your way to healing the self.

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