Opening the Heart Chakra

According to ancient Sanskrit sutras and Buddhist healing techniques, the body is made up of energy. The body contains various energy centers called chakras. There are a total of seven main chakras in the body: the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown.

The heart chakra is the most vital to love. It governs your emotions, and if it is blocked it can hinder your ability to love yourself or feel love toward others. If left unattended, any blockages may inhibit you from being open to receive love. The following exercises will help you open up your heart chakra, which will aid you in giving, receiving, and finding love.

One method used to help connect with a higher love and achieve the creation of loving self-esteem is a heart link. The following exercise is meant to help clear and link the heart with your higher love in order to achieve and find love.

  • Ground and center. Block out the everyday stresses of life. While breathing, try to focus solely on your breaths, one by one. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

  • Visualize yourself surrounded in a beautiful white ball of light.

  • Think of something you love unconditionally. It could be a specific experience such as the birth of a child, an individual event such as skydiving, or something more general. Whatever it is, focus on the love you hold for it.

  • Feel your heart open like a lotus flower coming into full bloom and expanding with warmth.

  • Hold in your mind that beautiful loving thought and imagine a golden cord of light stretching through your heart chakra and out through your crown chakra at the top of your head.

  • See this cord extend upward toward the heavens. Visualize seeing white puffy clouds. Up in these clouds you will see angels, spirit guides, and the god and goddess.

  • Give this golden cord to your guardian angel. Ask your angel to help you expand and open your heart chakra. Ask him to help you release the old patterns and energy blocks so that you become open to receiving love.

  • Give thanks to your guardian angel and leave him with your golden cord.

  • While leaving, notice that your cord still is connected to your angel. He will continue to send warm loving light down through the cord and into your heart chakra for as long as you need it.

Practice this visualization technique whenever you are feeling disconnected, sad, or angry. This will help trigger positive thought patterns.

It is equally important to end this visualization technique with some deep breathing and meditation. Relaxation is important in order to achieve a full heart link. Never rush or force this connection. You must be completely relaxed and open to healing your heart chakra.

Healing the heart is important to those who are looking to move forward from the pain of past hurts to welcome new love. Throughout daily living, you encounter many different negative scenarios — arguments, tension, or accidents — which compromise the heart chakra. Sometimes past traumas or abuse will also cause the heart chakra to block, creating an invisible fence or wall. These blocks are created as an defense mechanism intended to preserve and keep the heart intact. By healing these scars and removing any blocks, you will allow your heart to open fully. You will be more receptive to seeing your mate from afar, and your inner love will be able to shine through to the surface. This process allows you to beam with love and light, attracting people to you.

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