Mental About Love!

It all begins with loving the self and learning to accept love. Know that you are worthy of love. When your are open to loving yourself unconditionally, you become more open to recognizing the love that is being sent your way. This positive self-esteem will empower you, and you will appear more radiant and thus become more noticeable. This is one way to gain attraction.

One method to help create better self-esteem is through affirmation. Affirmations subliminally leave messages deep within the subconscious mind, changing the negative thought patterns into positive. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you,” every day. Achieving positive self-esteem isn't easy, but it becomes less difficult as you transform into a healthier, more positive you.

Love Yourself

This affirmation promotes self-love and acceptance. Use it when you have feelings of self-doubt or anxiety to boost your self-confidence.

“I am who I am;

I am love.

I am who I am;

I am light.

I love and accept myself,

For I am of the divine!”

Confidence Boost

Witness the great effects this affirmation has when you repeatedly chant it while looking into a mirror. You will notice that you are indeed a strong person inside and out.

“I am confident.

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

See me shine.”

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