Incense has been used for centuries to cleanse, activate healing, stimulate the sense of smell, and open the third eye. Traditionally, incense is used in many religious and spiritual rites to promote a sacred atmosphere.


Your own incense recipes may include resins like dragon's blood that might need to be ground. Invest in a small coffee grinder to whittle the resins down to their desired size. This makes combining ingredients a snap!

You can burn incense during spell work or as an offering to the deity you call on to help you. The following are wonderful incense recipes that are sure to please the senses and activate love within your life.

Passion Incense

This incense stimulates sexual desire in the home. Create and empower these ingredients under the energies of the full moon. By charging these ingredients with intent, you will magnify their qualities.


1 teaspoon cardamom seeds

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon cloves

1 tablespoon ground dragon's blood resin

  • Grind the ingredients in a mortar and pestle. Visualize the ingredients fusing to create a spicy, sultry combination.

  • See yourself aroused by the smell as it permeates the atmosphere. This aroma intensifies the feelings of passion surrounding you and your mate.

  • As you prepare the ingredients, recite the following incantation:

    “Smoke and fire,

    Swirling higher,

    Wafting passion and desire,

    As I inhale sweet smells above,

    Divine will bless me with passionate love.”

Burn this incense when you want to invoke the power of passion. Sprinkle the powdered mixture over a hot charcoal briquette in a fire-safe container. For added potency, recite the incantation whenever you light your incense.

Love Divination

This incense opens your third eye, allowing you to see and find your love-to-be. Be open to receiving any and all messages when performing the act of divination.


3 pinches dried lemon grass

2 pinches dried sage

2 pinches dried mugwort

3 drops lavender oil

2 pinches dried patchouli

2 tablespoons ground dragon's blood resin

2 tablespoons ground benzoin

  • Grind the ingredients with a large mortar and pestle until they form a finely ground powder.

  • Empower ingredients by letting your hands hover above the herbs; visualize universal energy streaming from your hands and into the herbs, charging them with intent.

  • Ground and center.

  • Sprinkle mixture over a hot charcoal briquette in a fire-safe container. Recite the following incantation:

    “Through smoke and air

    The vision begins

    To show me where my love exists.

    Give me a symbol,

    Give me a sign,

    So I know where to look, love be mine.”

  • Sit and meditate, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Absorb the scent of the incense, and feel it expand your third eye. See and feel colors of light streaming in and out of your third eye, sending your message of love into the universe.

  • Relax and wait to see what the universe has to show you. Do not force anything. This spell is best performed during a waxing to full moon on a Friday evening.

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