Past, Present, and Future Love

Under this universe everyone is connected. Each action creates ripples that continue beyond your line of sight, affecting people in ways you may be unaware of. Karma is timeless, affecting the past, present, and future. Ideally, you can heal the scars of the past and present to allow for a positive future.

Past, Present, and Future

This spell targets healing past and present events to allow healing to continue for a hopeful, more positive future. This spell takes time, patience, and concentration. Revisit the spell each day until each candle has completely burned down. Just like healing, it is a process of time, especially when deep healing is needed.


sacred water

1 floating black candle

1 floating red candle

1 floating white candle

fresh pink rose petals

glass bowl

Each candle represents one section of time. Black is the past. It represents releasing the negative behavior associated with an event. Red is the present. It represents the urgency of now to receive continued healing. White represents the hopeful future, where you will continue to send healing energy for a continuous easy path. Fresh rose petals symbolize the love that surrounds you to help heal. By using floating candles, you allow each candle to burn to completion and spread into the water. The water represents deep emotional love and deep emotional healing, which will quench the flames of sadness and hurtful emotions.

  • Fill the bowl with sacred water and place in an accessible area — but not one where the magick will be disrupted.

  • During the waning phase of the moon, hold and charge your black candle. Allow the universal energy to flow through you and into the candle. Visualize the event that has plagued you. See it in your mind's eye. Remember all feelings surrounding the event. Release that into the candle. Cry and vocalize if you must while you hold the candle to you.

  • After you pour your feelings into the candle, visualize the pure white healing energy of the universe surrounding that candle and beginning to heal you.

  • Set the candle afloat in the water.

  • Take a handful of petals and scatter them into the water around the candle. Say the following incantation:

    “Love and light surround,

    Love and light abound.

    Cushion the wounds from the past,

    Let love help heal at last.”

  • Light your candle now and recite the following incantation:

    “Gone away the years have passed,

    No longer in need of the issue at hand.

    Flame ignites, the healing starts,

    And waters quench the broken hearts.”

  • Burn this candle down completely over the next few days until the moon reaches its waxing phase. Always snuff the energies and repeat the steps and incantations for the flower and the lighting of the candle. When the candle has burned completely, allow the waters to quench the flame.

  • During the waxing moon, clear away the remnants of the previous candle and petals. Hold and charge the red candle. Visualize your present situation and how the past events continue to affect it. See it all in your mind's eye. Cry or vocalize if you must to completely release your emotions into the candle.

  • Visualize the pure white healing energy of the universe surrounding the candle and begin to heal.

  • Set the candle afloat in the water. Repeat the step for the fresh petals and the incantation for it.

  • Light the red candle and repeat the following incantation:

    “The here and now is greatly torn,

    From past events this hurt was born.

    Flame ignites, the healing starts,

    And waters quench the broken hearts.”

  • Continue to light the candle each night for the next few days. Snuff out the energies to seal them in, and repeat the incantation whenever you relight the candle until the moon reaches its full phase and the candle's flame has been quenched by the waters.

  • On the full moon, clear out the remnants of the last candle and petals. Hold and charge the white candle. You must complete this phase on the full moon, so it is important for you to make sure you set aside time this day to allow the candle to burn completely down into the water where the flame will be quenched.

  • Visualize your future as you hope it to be. Visualize healing. Visualize smiling faces and mended hearts. Pour all of this into your candle.

  • See the healing white light of universal energy surround your candle to seal in your intent.

  • Set the candle afloat in the water.

  • Once again repeat the ritual of scattering fresh roses.

  • Light the candle and say the following incantation:

    “With healing well on its way,

    No pain is left, no grudges stay.

    Flame ignites, the future is bright,

    And waters quench; no more pain, no blight.”

Allow the candle to burn out completely, and the spell is done!

A portion of your journey comes to a close with the end of this book. These pages have tried to help you come into your own. Hopefully they have given you a beginning basis for magick and the intent to manifest as it applies to the great search for love. Love in its purest form is a gift to behold and a wonder to give or receive. It is the single most important emotion that unites all beings.

Try to see love in all aspects of life so that you can spread it to others. Enjoy the passion and excitement surrounding this deep emotion. By identifying yourself as a loving being, you will be able to experience the wonder and joy that is love. Know that the universe will help you, and trust that it will never abandon you. Blessings and Namaste.

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