Mending a Broken Heart

It is strongly recommended that you go through the healing process as the best way to completely start over in love, but it is a long process that can be difficult despite the promise of freedom. If you feel the need to ease yourself through healing, start with mending your broken heart.

Mended Heart

This spell helps mend a broken heart. It focuses on healing the heart with energy and bringing closure.


piece of red construction paper

white embroidery thread

embroidery needle


1 rose quartz crystal

Perform this spell on a Monday during the waxing moon phase. Monday is associated with peace, healing, and compassion. Each ingredient directly relates to the heart, love, and healing.

  • Ground and center. Connect with the universal energies and allow them to flow through you, charging the magickal work you are about to perform.

  • Cut two halves of a heart out of the red construction paper. It is important to cut both halves separately. Do not cut out a whole heart and then cut it in half. Your heart is already broken in two; you don't want to rip it any more.

  • Thread your needle with white thread and begin to sew the two halves together. As you sew, remember to feel the energy flow through you while you mend your heart. Repeat the following incantation:

    “Mend and sew,

    Back to grow,

    In love and in light.

    Two halves are whole,

    A mended soul,

    No longer dark as night.”

  • Take your rose quartz and hold it in your hand above the spell craft. Visualize the energies of the rose quartz growing. Visualize it being empowered by the universal energies you are already harnessing.

  • Create a bubble of this energy around the mended heart, and allow the energy to adhere to the spell to continuously charge the intent of healing and promoting love.

  • See your heart become mended completely through your crafting and the energies surrounding it. Place the stone over the heart and leave it in the designated safe space.

Charge this spell often during the process of the waxing moon.

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