Soul Mate Spells

Soul mates help through life lessons, giving greater learning and growth. A soul mate often teaches lessons in unconditional love and acceptance of self and others. Some soul mates are an exact mirror of ourselves and sometimes are considered our other half, referred to as “twin souls.” A twin soul is someone you connect with on every level. Often, people come in contact with a soul mate through many lifetimes. Soul mates can take the form of friends, mentors, and lovers. “Love at first sight” is a sign of first love. So is a deep spiritual connection that resonates within your own soul.


Your soul mate isn't always someone you are destined to be with in marriage or romance. It is conceivable that they may or may not be the opposite sex. It really depends on what life lessons these two souls have connected on in previous lives.

Window to Your Soul

This spell shines a light in your window for your soul mate to see, thus leading your soul mate home.


In the past, candles were lit and set in windows to welcome travelers on their way home, offering safety and shelter on their journeys. Families often lit the way for deceased ancestors and kindred souls to find a way back into their lives.


1 white pillar or 7-day candle


  • Mark seven lines an equal distance apart on the candle with the toothpick. Each line sections off how much to burn for each day so you can keep track for the seven-night stint.

  • Hold and charge the candle. Visualize candle and flame becoming a beacon of light shining through time and space. Visualize its brightness cutting through the darkness of the night for your soul mate to see. Visualize your twin soul. Feel the connection begin to grow between you both. Visualize a golden cord connecting the two of you. See your souls coming together at last, completing each other in mind, body, and soul.

  • Recite the following incantation each time you relight your candle.

“Of seven days and seven nights,

Twin souls created as one.

We journey from afar to reunite

No longer separate, we are one.”

Every night at 7 o'clock relight your candle and burn it down to the next line. Snuff out the flame to seal in the magickal energies.

Sachiel Spell

Sachiel, the angel of love, rules over the planet Jupiter and oversees those with the astrological sign Sagittarius. He is a member of the Cherubim order of angels. Most depictions of cherubim or cherub angels are false, as they are not necessarily cute little baby angels. In fact, they are beautiful, huge, eight- to ten-foot angelic beings. The angel of love's primary goal is to spread love and educate others on love. His color is purple, and he is associated with the smell of lilacs.


There are nine orders in the Angelic hierarchy: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim. Each division rules over a different aspect of human and spiritual life.


pink candle

lilac oil


cotton ball (optional)

bunch of fresh lilacs

Figure 5-3 The symbol for Sachiel

The ingredients are chosen for their relation to Sachiel. They also contain attraction and love qualities. For best results, perform this magick on a Thursday during a waxing moon.

  • Charge your pink candle with the intent to attract and find your soul mate. Visualize your mate and the excitement that has filled your heart. See yourself happy and content in a relationship. Visualize yourself being open to receiving love as well as giving and sending out unconditional love.

  • Carve into your candle the symbol shown in figure 5-3.

  • Empower your candle again by anointing with the essential lilac oil. Recite the following invocation to Sachiel:

    “Glorious Sachiel,

    Angel of love,

    Open your wings and guide from above,

    Guide to me my soul's twin flame,

    Together, as one, we live again.”

  • Burn your candle down completely.

It's exciting to think that new love is on the way. Enjoy the wonders of courtship and that “honeymoon phase” while this new person enters your life. Upon exploration of this new relationship, take notice and be aware of the small details, which you can use to enhance and boost the love in your life.

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