Love Talismans and Poppets

These are some additional creative ways of creating talismans and pouches for attracting your mate. This style of magick is so easy to carry with you by wearing or putting in your purse or pocket. You can even keep them in your sacred space to charge with a poppet. By traveling with you anywhere through anything, the magick works wherever you go.

Adam and Eve Talisman

Here we will mimic the fertility of Adam and Eve to aid you in your own fertility rites. Adam and Eve root can be found in almost any herb shop and is called by this name because of its similarity to the male and female sexual organs. Carry this root in a pouch wherever you go to attract and find happiness in love.


Adam and Eve root

1 red pouch

  • Empower each root to attract balance in happiness and love. When charging your talisman, recite the following affirmation:

    “Root from Eden, holy and divine,

    The gift of paradise will soon be mine.

    Like the apple or the fruit from the vine,

    Invoke the love that will soon be mine.”

  • Wear or carry with you wherever you go. You just never know where love may happen!

Attraction Poppet

In this spell, visualize your perfect mate, and create a pop-pet to represent him or her. The poppet will be made and kept in your bedroom for safety. The leftover herbs are placed into a pouch, mimicking a heart link between you and your mate.


Adam and Eve root

½ cup dried rose petals

1 cup lemon balm


assorted colored embroidery thread

pink embroidery thread

2 rose quartz hearts

natural cotton stuffing

muslin fabric

white pouch

Keep an open mind and general description of the type of person you are trying to attract.

Think about the type of mate you would like to attract and consider physical characteristics. Choose the embroidery thread accordingly to represent hair and facial features. The white pouch represents purity and truth; you attract only who is meant to be. It is best to perform this magick on a Friday during a waxing moon.

Figure 5-1 Poppet diagram

  • Using the diagram above, cut out two poppet shapes from the muslin.

  • Sew these shapes together using white embroidery thread. Leave a portion of the poppet unsewn to allow a stuffing-herbal mixture to be placed inside.

  • Embroider your poppet. Embroider a pink heart and use colored embroidery threads to create hair, eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • Mix herbs by hand.

  • Using the natural cotton and herbal mixture, stuff your poppet. Place the root inside the poppet where the sexual organs would be. Adam and Eve root is made up of two separate roots; round for the female and conical for the male.

  • Empower the heart stones. Hold and charge the rose quartz. This is the heart of your soon-to-be mate. Visualize and empower this heart to enliven your poppet. Empower the second heart with your intent to attract your ideal mate. Holding both hearts together, empower them both with the intent to be attracted to each other. Place one heart inside the poppet and one heart inside the pouch.

  • Finish stuffing and sew closed.

  • Cast a circle. Take your poppet and pouch and place them both in the center of your circle. Visualize and empower your poppet with positive, loving energy, enchanting it to be your mate. See an energy aura surrounding your poppet.

  • Charge the pouch that you will wear with the same attracting energies as the poppet. See the connection created between the pouch and poppet strengthen.

  • Close your circle and place your poppet in a safe location inside your home or bedroom.

Wear the pouch until your love finds you. Re-empower your poppet and pouch as needed by use of the full moon.


Due to the catnip placed inside the poppet, it is recommended to keep your poppet in a location where it will not be tempting to cats. You don't want any harm to befall your soon-to-be love!

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