Water Elemental Spells for Love

Water Elemental spells for love focus on the deepest and most instinctual aspects of emotional love. These spells prepare the person's ability to give and receive love — not only physical love but emotional love as well.

Undying Love

This spell opens the heart, allowing the individual to give and receive love. It calls the energies of the undines to impart the compassion and understanding of emotional love and help heal the heart, thus opening it to receive a deeper and more satisfying love.


1 beach rose

beach sand

1 small glass jewelry bottle pendant

The flower symbolizes the heart and the ability to open to full beauty. Releasing the flower acts as an offering to the undines. Beach sand is composed mainly of quartz, sea shells, and salt deposits. Quartz acts as a magnifier of energy. Salt is a purifier and cleanser. Shells are symbolic of Water Elementals. Together, these ingredients create a charm to ensure that the heart be unobstructed.

On your way down to the beach, collect a single beach rose. Remember to bring something to cut the flower with. Always separate the flower from the stem and leave the thorns behind. This represents focusing on the positive attributes of love with no negative effects. Thorns are symbolic of hurt and pain, and they have no place in your spell.

  • Walk toward the water's edge and find a place to sit and experience the beach while you close your eyes and visualize.

  • Understand that your heart is like a rose, beautiful and deserving of admiration and love when opened to its true potential. See your heart opening like a rose coming to bloom.

  • When you feel your heart is opened to its full potential, release the flower into the water. Recite the following incantation:

    “Compassionate Undines,

    Hear my plea,

    Open my heart

    To give and receive

    Pure love and light.

    So Mote It Be!”

  • While still at the water's edge, collect a small amount of beach sand in the little bottle.

  • Fill the remaining space with sea water.

  • Hold your newly made talisman out over the water before you go so the undines will bless it.

Wear the bottle around your neck so it will sit directly over your heart for as long as needed. Feel free to re-empower your spell whenever needed, remembering to cite the incantation for the undines' continual blessing.

Balancing Emotions Spell

This spell calls upon the help of the merfolk to balance and lighten the heaviness of the human heart. Having your emotions in check is very important when it comes to keeping a relationship balanced. Difficulties quickly arise when a partner is emotionally unstable. This can cause the persons involved to feed off of negative emotion, thus spiraling out of control and succumbing to confusion and drama. This spell helps keep out-of-control emotions in check and requires no extra ingredients other than a willingness to play with the waves while drawing symbols in the sand.

Go to the beach when the tide is on its way out to ensure your intention will travel into the ocean where the merfolk can empower it.


Throughout history, sailors have credited merfolk for rescuing them from drowning. Merfolk are the perfect Elementals to ask for help in balancing a relationship. They can ensure you aren't overwhelmed by emotions.

  • Walk to the water's edge, and wait for a wave to recede. Take a moment to think about your emotions.

  • Visualize yourself in a well-balanced emotional state. See your relationship emotionally stable.

  • Draw two overlapping symbols in the sand. First draw a single heart, then an infinity symbol (∞) over the heart. Be sure to finish the symbols before the next wave comes in. Don't worry if you need to repeat the process a few times; this symbolizes a need for additional balancing.

  • Once you are able to complete a symbol set, stand up and recite the following incantation:

    “Merfolk from our Sister Sea,

    Ride along a wave for me,

    And bring this message out to sea,

    For peace in heart and mind to be.”

  • Take another moment to visualize yourself and your partner in a well-balanced emotional relationship.

  • Give thanks to the Merfolk by leaving an appropriate offering.

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