Finding Your God or Goddess

Deities add potency and versatility to the spell work you create, personalizing it to suit more of your own needs. When you work with the higher love, you ensure everything happens as it should.

You may not feel worthy of accepting help from a divine source, but you are. By letting go of ego and allowing only feelings of unconditional love to enter your mind and body, you open yourself to receiving help and love from all benevolent beings. You have but to ask.

Finding your own god or goddess isn't as hard as you think. There are many resources available today regarding deities. Knowledge abounds. Search the Internet, scour your local library, or browse a bookstore to find information. The hard part is selecting a specific god or goddess who has a personal connection with you.

Another option is to make a connection with a benevolent being, a good being that goes out to help others. Angels and spirit guides fall into this category. By creating a connection with a deity or being you can magnify what you are trying to produce with versatility and potency.

Expand your search to include cultures from all over the world. If you choose a deity from a culture you are not familiar with, be prepared to do some extra research to educate yourself about your deity's roots. It will be easier to establish a rapport with your deity if you know about his or her attributes and influences.

Deities are here to help you achieve your heart's desires. As you read, you will be able to decide which deity is right for you. Take a moment to think about what you are looking for. If you want to heal your marriage, you will choose a different deity from someone who is looking for a carefree sex life or someone who is still searching for a soul mate. Each god and goddess has specific traits. All of these traits are associated with love in some manner, whether it is marriage, fertility, or passion. Choose a deity that you feel comfortable with.


Each love deity is associated with a different type of love, so research carefully. For example, if you are looking for sexual love, steer clear of Aengus, the Celtic god of love, beauty, and youth. He is associated with soul mate love and not necessarily passionate, lustful sex.

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