Crystal Grid Layouts

A crystal grid layout is another tool to empower your sacred space and set magickal intent. Crystals can be used to charge objects, promote energy balance, or provide power for healing and empowerment. Any object or person within a grid's field will automatically raise its vibration to a higher state of awareness and function.

How to Set Up a Crystal Grid

A basic crystal grid is comprised of quartz crystals. The main crystal acts as a power source from which the rest feed. This main crystal distributes its energies in lines to each of the surrounding crystals, creating the grid effect. It is important to have the crystal points facing each other to create this laser effect. Work in even numbers.


Each crystal and stone resonates at a certain vibration. These qualities include health, prosperity, love, and lust. Only work with stones and crystals associated with your goal or purpose for success when you are working with crystal grids.

Most grids are set up to match sacred geometric shapes, but this is not always necessary. The star of David or equal-armed cross are both common crystal setups. These are examples of how working in pairs will allow proper flow of energy lines without an “energy hole” in your grid.

Once you have chosen your power source and charged it, you can incorporate it into the grid. Center the crystal in the middle of your grid or in the center underneath the area where your grid is laid out. This allows the power to flow evenly.

Small Scale Attraction Grid

The following is a small crystal grid which can be done in any appropriate area. It doesn't require any more space than the size of a dinner plate. Keep the crystals listed small. Use it to attract a mate or help bring balance and active love in the home.


1 activator crystal

4 small clear quartz crystal points

1 picture

red pen

1 small rose quartz pyramid

Your activator crystal should be medium-sized in comparison to the surrounding crystals. The single terminated clear quartz crystals are chosen because they are easy to find, and the clear quartz acts as a magnifier. The picture should be of you alone if you are looking to find love. If you are looking to patch things up or bring about balance in your existing love life, choose a photo of you and your mate. The rose quartz pyramid symbolizes love and acts as a magnifier and director. The pyramid draws upon the others to magnify and send your intention into the universe for manifestation.

  • Charge your activator crystal. Visualize love entering into your life and filling your home. Allow feelings of excitement to fill your heart.

  • Place the crystal points facing each other and in toward the center of your designated area, love corner, or altar.

  • Take your photo and write your intention on the back. Hold and charge the photo.

    If you are looking to find love, write a description of your desired love on the back of the picture. Include physical attributes and hobbies. Be creative but realistic, and remember the laws governing free will.

    If you are seeking balanced love in a relationship, think about where balance needs to be and write it on the back of the picture.

  • Place the picture in the middle of the crystal grid, face up, and place your rose quartz pyramid over your picture. Visualize a beam of rose-colored light sending a beacon into the universe. See your goal manifested.

  • Recharge your crystals and photo each day.

Perform this spell every month starting on a Friday of a waxing to full moon for as long as needed.

Protection and Cleansing Grid

This grid layout is for protection and banishing negativity. Put it at any entry point of your home to prevent any and all negativity from entering your space.


1 activator crystal

2 amethyst points

Amethyst restores positive energy, transforms negative energy, and is commonly used in psychic development.

  • Empower your activator crystal and place it near your doorway.

  • Place the two amethyst crystal points in the corners of your doorway.

  • Place the crystal points facing each other to create the energy beam to cleanse negative energy and restore it with positive.

Pregnancy Grid

The following crystal grid brings fertility and pregnancy. Set it up underneath your bed. Make sure it is free and clear of debris and dirt. If you want, lay a blanket or sacred tablecloth down for the crystals to sit on.


1 activator crystal

6 clear quartz crystal points

12 small amber or citrine pieces

1 quartz crystal globe

Clear quartz is for magnification and conducting energy. The use of amber or citrine activates and stimulates the sacral chakra, where stimulation happens for the female reproductive organs. The crystal globe represents the womb.

  • Empower your activator crystal. Visualize you or your mate pregnant. Do this visualization and charge the other crystals and stones with this intent.

  • Place the 6 crystal points in the form of a circle under the bed at equal distances apart with the points facing in toward the middle with the globe in the center.

  • Fill in the blank spaces between the crystal points with the amber or citrine stones to complete your circle.

  • Use the activator crystal to connect the crystal points in a clockwise direction to create the beam of energy to charge the center crystal globe. Visualize the beams of light charging each other and the crystal globe in the center, mimicking the idea of fertilization.

Keep this grid under your bed until pregnancy has occurred. Be sure to cleanse and clear your crystal grid layouts and recharge each crystal as needed.

Open Heart Grid

This grid will help you achieve your goal of personal healing. It continuously charges you to give and receive love. It keeps the heart chakra open and functioning.


1 watermelon tourmaline

4 crystal points

small wooden box

Watermelon tourmaline is essential in this spell because of its green and pink, which mimic the relationship between the high heart and heart chakra. Empower this crystal to magnify and activate the high heart and lower heart chakras. See this partnership balance love within. The box is a symbol of your body, a temple for giving and receiving love. Placing your picture inside the box protects your temple from negative influences.

  • Take a picture of yourself.

  • Place the picture in the box with the grid around it in equal sections.

  • Place the watermelon tourmaline over your heart in the picture. Recharge often to ensure an open heart.

Other Crystals

There are other crystals and stones with qualities that can help you in your journey. The following is a list of commonly used crystals, stones, and minerals to help you in your journey to find love. The more knowledge you have about crystals and stones, the more versatile your grids will become.

  • Aventurine: Activates and balances the heart chakra, prosperity magick.

  • Diamond: Represents eternal bonds, marriage, fidelity. (Herkimer diamonds can be substituted.)

  • Fluorite: Healing, green fluorite for the heart chakra, deep indigo purple for the crown chakra.

  • Garnet: Activates root chakra, promotes love, lust, and passion.

  • Hematite: Grounding, healing.

  • Malachite: Activates and balances the heart chakra, prosperity.

  • Rose Quartz: Self-love, activates the high heart chakra, soul mate love.

  • Ruby: Activates root chakra, promotes love, lust, and passion.

  • Pearls: Represents the seed of life, marriage, and fertility.

  • Quartz Crystal: Magnification.

Read up on other stones and crystals and their magickal qualities for more options for your grids.

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