The following list will help you create your own magick meals to help enliven your life.


Alfalfa Prosperity

Apple Fertility and the pentacle

Apple pie Healing and love

Apricot Love and fertility

Artichoke Growth and protection

Asparagus Lust and fertility

Banana Fertility, love, and prosperity

Barley Fertility, healing, and love

Beans Grounding, love, and prosperity

Beef Grounding, strength, and protection

Blueberries Protection and peace

Bread Kinship and sustenance

Broccoli Leadership and protection

Brownies Love

Butter Smoothing relationships and spirituality

Cabbage Luck, prosperity, and protection

Cakes Celebrations and hospitality

Carob Prosperity and love

Carrots Fertility, luck, and lust

Celery Psychic development, weight loss, peace

Cheese Healing, joy, and grounding

Chicken Grounding and healing

Chocolate Prosperity and love

Cookies Nurturing and love

Corn Luck, prosperity, and spirituality

Crab Lust and protection

Cucumber Fertility, chastity, and healing

Eggplant Prosperity and spirituality

Fig Prosperity and strength

Fish Love, lust, and psychic development

Grapefruit Purification, healing, and weight loss

Gingerbread Love and prosperity

Grapes Fertility and psychic development

Green peppers Prosperity and growth

Honey Healing, love, and purification

Lamb Sensitivity and kindness

Leeks Love, protection, and strength

Lemon Friendship, love, and happiness

Lettuce Prosperity, chastity, and relaxation

Mango Love and protection

Maple syrup Prosperity and love

Melon Healing and purification

Milk Goddess energy, love, and nurturing

Mushrooms Psychic awareness

Noodles Longevity

Nuts Fertility, love, and prosperity

Oats Prosperity

Olives Fertility, love, and healing

Onion Fertility, love, and protection

Orange Fidelity, healing, and love

Passion fruit Love and kinship

Pea Love and prosperity

Peach Happiness, fertility, and love

Pear Love, prosperity, and luck

Pickles Weight loss

Pineapple Healing, love, and prosperity

Plum Love and protection

Pomegranate Fertility, prosperity, and luck

Potato Compassion, protection, and grounding

Pumpkin Healing and prosperity

Radish Lust and protection

Raisin Psychic energy and sun energy

Raspberry Childbirth, happiness, and love

Red peppers Energy and strength

Rice Fertility, protection, and lust

Soy Protection and psychic awareness

Spinach Prosperity

Squash Spirituality

Strawberries Love, romance, and lust

Sunflower Protection and success

Sweet Potato Love, lust, and protection

Tea Healing, restfulness, and strength

Tofu Protection, psychic development, and spirituality

Tomato Healing, love, and prosperity

Tortilla Protection and spirituality

Vanilla Love and lust

Vinegar Healing, protection, and purification

Water Purification

Watermelon Healing and fertility

Yeast Grounding and purification

Yogurt Healing and spirituality

Cooking Herbs and Spices

Allspice Love, prosperity, and healing

Basil Love, psychic development, and protection

Bay Prosperity, psychic development, and protection

Black Pepper Cleansing and protection

Caraway Healing, love, and protection

Cardamom Love, lust, and strength

Celery Seed Grounding, psychic

development, and lust

Cinnamon Healing, love, and lust

Cloves Courage, money, and protection

Coriander Healing, love, and lust

Cumin Protection, fidelity, and happiness

Curry Protection

Dill Love, lust, and psychic development

Fennel Healing, protection, and strength

Garlic Healing, purification, and protection

Ginger Cleansing, healing, and love

Horseradish Protection and purification

Licorice Fidelity, love, and lust

Marjoram Cleansing, healing, and protection

Mint Communication, love, and prosperity

Mustard Seeds Courage, fertility, and psychic development

Nutmeg Confidence, fidelity, and healing

Oregano Healing, joy, and peace

Parsley Luck, lust, and prosperity

Peppermint Healing, love, and lust

Poppy Seeds Prosperity, fertility, and abundance

Rosemary Cleansing, healing, and psychic development

Saffron Abundance, healing, and love

Sage Cleansing, healing, and psychic development

Salt Protection, cleansing, and purification

Sesame Seed Fertility, love, and prosperity

Sugar Love

Thyme Healing, love, and psychic development

Turmeric Purification

Vanilla Love, lust, and psychic development

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