The Art of Attraction

Here's an important thing to remember. The only way to get a Virgo to truly fall in love with you is to make sure he knows he can depend on you. He needs to trust you. Plus, you cannot be a pushover. Virgo needs excitement on the scale of wildfire. You have to stimulate his senses as well as his brain. Virgo also loves to laugh. He has a great sense of humor, but there are few who can make him really laugh out loud. If you can, you've got an ace in the hole. Also remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and, not surprisingly, will also look for financial security.

The Long Haul

Virgo women have an instinctive nurturing side. They make great mothers because they know when to be affectionate and when to discipline. Though she tends to be a pushover with her kids — she spoils them — Virgo woman is not likely to be overshadowed or undermined by her mate. A good husband for Virgo is one who knows to leave the details of raising their progeny to her. She knows just the right way to do it, and he trusts her good sense. Instead, Virgo wants her partner to be there more for her. She needs the support only he can give her in order for her to run the family the way it should be.


Those thinking of taking Virgo as a mate should be aware that Virgo has a possessive side when it comes to family. She wants the control of the children, as well as the full attention of her husband. In other words, everyone must look to her for guidance.

He/She: The Little Stuff Counts

Virgo men and women both tend to be attracted to a subtle sexiness. They like refinement in a mate and can't stand showoffs. Instead, Virgo believes, sexiness should come from within. Virgo can look good in jeans or dressed up for a night on the town. A Virgo woman will notice the way her man dresses — and she'll expect him to suit up accordingly, depending on what they have planned. In other words, she'll expect him to dress well if they're supposed to meet the parents that day, but she'll be just as happy to see him in an old button-down and jeans for a long car trip. Just keep in mind that Virgo woman will notice and remember what you choose to wear.


Don't ever ask Virgo for advice unless you plan to use it and follow it! All Virgos take their time, and they put a lot of effort into an answer. If you ignore their counsel, they won't be likely to give you more suggestions in the future.

Virgo man isn't quite as picky about how his woman dresses. He'll be more interested, instead, in seeing whether she listens and respects what he says. All Virgos will be highly offended if a mate asks the same question two or three times. For a Virgo, words are very important. He'll listen closely to what you say, and he'll expect you to do the same for him.

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