Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

Virgo needs a strong mate who can stand up to her. Most Virgos are verbally powerful, and they expect the same of their partners. Virgo woman is likely to be attracted to men who can help her lighten up her outlook on life and herself. She's usually drawn to those who can lessen her load of responsibilities. Her life is tough enough; she wants her relationship to be problem free. She despises arguing, but some people just rub her the wrong way. Also, both Virgo man and Virgo woman only go to bed with someone whom they feel respects and cares for them — more than just in a physical way.

The Secret Virgo Man

Here's a tip: Both Virgo men and women hate being a slave to their own passions, but they love sex. They just try not to admit it sometimes. For Virgo man (as for Virgo woman), sex is a process. He sometimes doesn't see a good thing even when it's standing in front of him. He's not a big romantic in the early stages. Things need to build for him. For a woman to grab his heart, she can't be too available to him, but she can't let him ignore her either — he'll pull away at a moment's notice. He'll test her, too, and see how much he can get away with.


Unlike a Virgo woman, a Virgo man is a bit unsure of his bedroom prowess. His woman should use words to restore his confidence. Then she should pull away a bit and let him work for her. With Virgo man, it's always push-pull. To seduce him into bed, a few well-placed words will tell him that you're interested.

The Secret Virgo Woman

On the other hand, a Virgo woman will be very influenced with hints here and there before the actual act. Make her think about what languorous, beautiful sex could be like and let that stew in her brain for awhile. Unfortunately, you won't necessarily know whether a Virgo woman is interested in you. She usually plays it cool and doesn't like to wear her heart on her sleeve. Similarly, if she cries or has an emotional outburst, it doesn't necessarily mean it concerns you. Get to the bottom of the situation, and you'll thank yourself later.

Sensual and Sexual

A Virgo woman is sensual and sexual. She loves having her hair stroked and her feet rubbed. She loves massages, too. Though she's as naughty as the rest of us, she likes creating a “good girl” image for those around her. Think “virgin.” Ask a Virgo woman for anything showy or extra-kinky and — guaranteed — you will absolutely never see her again. She wants to be treated with respect and dignity, in and out of bed. Though she sometimes falls for the rogue, she really wants to be seduced with sweetness and purity at the heart of it all.

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