The Art of Attraction

It would be easy to assume that because Taurus men and women like a good old-fashioned courtship that you should be polite, easygoing, and affectionate with them. Here's a tip: not so. Though it's wrong to play games in love, perhaps, Taurus actually needs a little cruelty in the beginning to get the ball rolling.

In other words, if you come off easy and sweet, your Taurus will not think you're a prize worth winning — he's a conqueror, remember? Now, we're not talking about being mean or vicious, but it's okay to make the big Bull jump through a few hoops. He'll do it, after all. And when he tires of jumping, he'll come around the other side, plant a big kiss on your lips, and you'll see what it's like to be literally swept off your feet. Just make sure you always listen to the Bull. If he feels he's not being heard, he's sure to get cranky.

The Long Haul

Whether or not you'd actually be good for her is not the point. Taurus has a hard time choosing a partner that's right for her. She tends to set her sights on someone more for the security (or the challenge) than for suitability. In fact, the more you tell a Taurus you're not right for her, the more likely she is to pursue you. As mentioned, Taurus has a tough time with “no.”She might seem to shy away for a while, while in truth she's just off formulating another plan to get you.


If you want to get a Bull, don't play coy — think mother or father figure. Be nurturing and then pull away and reprimand Taurus (in the beginning). He'll quickly become attached and aim to win your affections.

When they don't cut themselves off emotionally, a Taurus makes for a wonderful mate, father, or mother. Sometimes when the Bull is out for something, he holds tight to the security itself, and that becomes his definition of real love. Instinctively, though, he knows how to draw someone to him and how to get someone's affections. True, this is done by simply pulling away. Taurus goes off to sulk, and his partner, who's used to the constant affection, goes after him. But Taurus always provides the constancy that he himself craves for family. Taurus will attempt to ensure everyone's happiness around him.

He/She: The Little Stuff Counts

Taurus likes expensive, tailored clothing and likes you to be dressed well, too. Like their ideals, they tend to lean toward the conservative side. For a woman, a little sexy is okay, as long as it isn't overdone. Though Taurus man may seem to like it, he'll be silently wondering if you've dressed like this for him or for everyone else in the room. Be safe, and take a sweater along to drape over that sexy black dress. This will impress Taurus.

Master of Perception

Here's another kicker. Taurus is very good at discovering your little secrets — the ones he's interested in. He'll play it cool and subtly get the information out of you. Then he'll file it away and use it as ammunition when he needs it. On the surface, Taurus comes off as calm and noncritical, going along with whatever you say. Deep down, though, he's playing all kinds of scenarios in his head.

For example, if you call a Taurus man and tell him about breaking up with your ex, he may laugh and side with you. But he won't answer the next time you call. It's that simple. Taurus makes no exceptions. Keep in mind that when a Taurus asks questions, the inquiries are always indirectly linked with security — having to do with relationship, money, or something else.

The Money Factor

Here's how to get rid of a Taurus quickly: Tell her you have a little bit of a spending problem. You try to manage your finances well, and you try not to spend even though you're in debt, but you just can't seem to stop. Don't be surprised if Taurus's head spins around and rolls off her shoulders. Actually, chances are that you won't get any reaction. As mentioned before, Taurus is great at hiding distaste. Eventually, it will come out, but not usually in the moment.


Many famous astrologers characterize Taurus as “materialistic.” In truth, money for Taurus is not as much for luxury as it is for security. For Taurus, money is freedom, freedom is security, and security is happiness.

Don't be surprised if the Bull romances you with expensive theater tickets or a candlelight dinner for two at the hottest restaurant in town. Because money is so important to Taurus, he'll think it's important to you, too. Unfortunately, though, Taurus's generosity does not normally stem from an infectious need to give (as it does, let's say, with Leo). Taurus expects something for his efforts. If he's spending a lot of money on you, he's not doing it for the fun of it or because this is the way he would treat himself (like Leo does). He's spending it to win you. If you're not seriously interested in the Bull, leave him alone and look elsewhere. He'll only get surly and nasty if he thinks he's being used.


Taurus needs to get emotional with a partner. He goes into things heart and soul. Remember that deep down, he's a romantic. He'll want you to appreciate his efforts for it.

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