Sun Love Matches

Taurus, both man and woman, looks for a mate who will help keep an outwardly calm, tranquil appearance. Inside, they're often roiling with self-doubt and confusion. They shy away from partners who contest their way of handling things and try to dominate them (Fire signs), as well as who give too much ambiguity, and who like to pick a fight with them for fun (Air signs). Following are the love sign combinations with the female Bull.

Taurus Man

Physically, sexually, morally, and idealistically, these two make a great match. They share the same sense of commitment and family responsibility, and both want the security that they can give each other. This can be a great long-term relationship, with marriage probable.


Both male and female Bulls are unnaturally stubborn with a fondness for playing leader. Taurus woman can sometimes be insensitive to Taurus man's needs, but Taurus woman is just and Taurus man will appreciate that.

Gemini Man

With Gemini man, Taurus woman won't know whether she's coming or going. This will drive her crazy. In fact, she may just develop an unhealthy attachment to the sense of excitement Gemini gives her. She also expects him to be more ambitious and career oriented. For Gemini, this is too much pressure. Intellectually, the two are well matched. In bed, both are sensual, but Gemini is more fascinated with the fantasy than with the reality of it. They might have a good affair, even a possible long-term relationship, but marriage isn't likely.

Cancer Man

Cancer man can start off shy. If Taurus woman doesn't come on too strong, he'll eventually open up to her. Both want a beautiful home, to spend lots of quiet time there. Sexually, these two are a good match if the female Bull doesn't order the Crab around too much. Both crave trust and are possessive and jealous. If their mood swings don't clash too much, and Taurus woman can stay sensitive to Cancer's needs, the two can have a decent long-term relationship. They can also possibly have a good marriage, albeit one with plenty of drama.

Leo Man

Taurus woman is completely taken in by Leo man's exuberance and good looks. Unfortunately, though Leo man knows how to make money, he also knows how to spend it. This worries Taurus woman, who'd prefer to build a nest egg than go out to dinner every night. Sexually, these two are an incredible match. Taurus woman excites Leo man and the female Bull loves that he is adventurous, intense, and playful in bed. This is a possible long-term relationship but not a probable marriage.


What would a Taurus/Leo celebrity couple look like?

Michelle Pfeiffer (Taurus) and Al Pacino (Leo), from the movie Frankie and Johnny, is one pair. Other stars who would make interesting mates include Robert De Niro (Leo), Barbara Streisand (Taurus), Dustin Hoffman (Leo), Audrey Hepburn (Taurus), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Leo).

Virgo Man

Taurus and Virgo go together. Spiritually, they make each other laugh and can have lots of fun together. They're also both insightful and determined — accomplishing whatever task they put their minds to. If Virgo man will stop being righteous with Taurus woman, lovemaking for these two can be erotic, wild, and intense. Taurus is also wowed by Virgo's strange ideas and know-how when it comes to business and making money. She trusts him. This can be an excellent long-term partnership, with marriage a good possibility.

Libra Man

If there's one thing Libra man loves, it's beauty. And Taurus woman is always beautiful in some way. They rarely fight because they both detest confrontation.


In terms of commitment, Libra man and Taurus woman flounder around on all fronts: relationship, jobs, and so on. If they can come to more resolute decisions, they make a great team.

If confrontations do happen, they're frequently solved in bed. Sexually, these two can move mountains, though Taurus likes to have sex more often than Libra man. Taurus and Libra makes for a probable long-term relationship with a good chance for marriage.

Scorpio Man

The two together are so intense, passionate, and deep that people around them sometimes feel they've just entered a minefield — or a Greek tragedy. Both have a tendency to feel a bit sorry for themselves, and they're both moody. If they can strike a good balance and not be so dramatic, they can be good together. In bed, their sensuality and sense of adventure reach new heights — though Scorpio, secretly, would prefer to lead a bit more. These two can have a probable long-term relationship and a probable marriage as well.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is pensive, and Taurus woman likes this. She admires his ability to do anything he wants and wishes she could be more open to the adventures he experiences firsthand.


Unfortunately, many Sagittarius men are too modest about their abilities and don't ask for enough compensation for their work. This bothers Taurus. She is also easily hurt by his quick, honest tongue.

Though Sagittarius will take the back seat sometimes to Taurus's desire to lead, he still believes he knows best and can be sarcastic about it, too. In bed, these two are good as long as Sagittarius can let himself feel the emotions that go along with the lovemaking. This is a possible long-term partnership, not a probable marriage.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn is likely to fall in love with Taurus woman. It seems she's the one he's always searched for. Unfortunately, they do have their differences. Though the two hate conflict of any kind, they can get into fights over issues of trust or money. Also, Capricorn man likes to feel he's in control. Taurus woman shakes his stable ground. In bed, Capricorn man can be more interested in what the act signifies itself than in his own sensuality. If these two can find a good balance, though, this is a probable long-term partnership, with marriage a possibility.

Aquarius Man

This is a real case of “opposites attract.” You won't find a stranger couple — they're odd together, and it seems to work. Aquarius man brings out the wildness in Taurus woman, and she loves this about him. Though both are incredible flirts, Taurus woman worries a bit that Aquarius man will stray — and he might. But if there's one who can keep him faithful, it's the female Bull. Also, Taurus woman gets mad at Aquarius man's calm, cool, “go-with-the-flow” attitude. These two also have a superficiality hurdle to get over, which requires them to put their priorities into place. Sexually, they're both adventurous and can have fun in bed. This is a probable relationship and a very possible marriage.


Aquarius men like strangeness in the bedroom. If Taurus woman can let go of her oldfashioned side a bit, Aquarius man will be more taken by her. Aquarius needs to be wild and, many times, wouldn't mind experimenting with sex toys.

Pisces Man

Taurus woman is drawn to Pisces' sense of tranquility, his emotional depth, and his instinctive ways. She should trust him more on his judgment of people. Taurus, though, is able to relax and be herself with Pisces man even if she can't always take the criticism Pisces doles out. Fortunately, Pisces knows how to word his views just the right way. In bed, Pisces man lets Taurus woman take the lead, and the two play well together. If they can just stop manipulating each other at times, this pair makes for a possible long-term relationship, though not a likely marriage.

Aries Man

Aries man sweeps Taurus woman off her feet. The two are social, but Aries man needs more diversity than Taurus woman, who wants simple constancy. The issue of trust comes up between these two a lot. Aries is not half as possessive or emotionally reckless as Taurus woman. Also, Taurus woman is so wowed by Aries man, she doesn't stop to think if she's in love with him or just in love with the idea of him. In bed, things are great. Chances are that this is a probable long-term relationship but not a good idea for marriage.


When you think of Taurus women, think of strong women who can really take care of themselves. Here are some famous female Bulls: Audrey Hepburn, Ella Fitzgerald, Katherine Hepburn, Queen Mary II, and Eva Peron (Evita).

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