The Art of Attraction

Scorpio is all about transformation. Just associating with one will change your life in some way. While Aquarius, for example, goes for the strange or unique partner, Scorpio is drawn to opposites. She wants someone who can really go wild and let loose in the bedroom and then be able to dine among the best of them. Sex is also very important to Scorpio. She has the ability to make it good for both of you (Scorpio man, too).


Here's a tip: Scorpio men love to be complimented on intimate things like their clothes or their smell. So do Scorpio women. Give them a slow, sultry kiss and whisper it to them in their ear. They'll love it.

In fact, the best time to have an important conversation is after lovemaking. She lets her guard down, and she'll be more willing to hear what you have to say. Get her to laugh a little before you start. Scorpio loves to laugh and does it too rarely. Incidentally, you'll also want to be neat around Scorpio — even when you throw your clothes around in wild love play. Scorpio is very orderly and clean, and she expects the same of you. Don't think of looking in her closets, though. Scorpio, though neat, is a notorious pack rat.

The Long Haul

Scorpio can be difficult to deal with sometimes. He has certain unique requirements. Most likely, he likes to hang around people his partner won't necessarily like or approve of. For this reason, Scorpio tends to marry later than most. But Scorpio loves love, and he wants to be in love forever. He loves children and makes a wonderful, caring father who will do anything for his children. Scorpio woman, too, has great instincts with children. The only thing Scorpio must watch out for is temper — most Scorpios have one. They let the anger build up instead of releasing it, and it all comes out in a whoosh. Though Scorpio would never in a million years willfully hurt a child, he or she must be equally careful to keep this natural tendency at bay.

Is Scorpio in love with you? Not sure how he feels about you? There is a subtle test you can give your Scorpio mate. It does count as game playing, but if you really need to know, just flirt with one of his friends. At the very least, he'll tell you about all you his friend's bad points (hoping to assure himself the winner's place, next to you). At the very worst, he'll haul you out of the restaurant and kiss you senseless, so you know for sure just who you really belong to. Scorpio is the most jealous of the signs. It's a sneaky way to snatch him, and, perhaps, a manipulative way to keep him. But, hey, it works.


Just make sure not to cross the line! A Scorpio, in vengeance, will do the same back to you. And who can resist a Scorpio's sexy, stunning charms? Be careful not to make Scorpio too jealous — his pride may just outweigh his need for you.

He/She: The Little Stuff Counts

Scorpio, normally, is pretty informal. Although she can dress up on a moment's notice, she usually prefers to dress comfortably. However, she won't mind how you dress and may not even notice. Scorpio man, in particular, will be unduly impressed by the sight of a beautiful woman in a tight dress — tasteful and conservative, not tacky. On her side, a Scorpio woman will be drawn to a man with a pleasing scent. Actually, all Scorpios have very acute senses — except for hearing, which usually tends to be as bad as his or her other senses are good. (Although sometimes they just pretend not to hear you.)

Scorpio is also extremely subjective to touch and taste. Many Scorpio women and men are wonderful cooks once they get a little practice. Cook for him, and make sure the food has diverse tastes — combine salty, sweet, and spicy, for example. This is an aphrodisiac for Scorpio. Stroke his thigh, and you probably won't get to finish your meal — Scorpio will have you in bed before you've had your last bite.


Though Scorpio's hearing isn't as sharp as his other senses, he is gifted with a silky, sultry voice — it's strangely sensual. Most Scorpios, too, like sexy voices. While on the phone or sitting right next to him, whisper something tantalizing into his ear. This will work.

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