Sun Love Matches

Scorpio men and women are very instinctive. Unfortunately, they sometimes ignore their instincts in friendship and in love. With friends, they keep relations going for a purpose — mostly if the rapport is important for work contacts or social means. On the other hand, sex can sway them greatly in love. If a mate is not right for them, they'll know it, but they'll stay if things are powerful in the bedroom. However, when Scorpios are truly in love, they'll tell you so. And then they'll make you their world. Scorpios go well with Water and Fire, the other “feeling” signs. Read on to discover the love combinations for Scorpio woman.

Scorpio Man

These two go together so well that it's a little scary. However, the perfect, happy couple they appear to be in public is sometimes different from what they experience alone at home. Scorpio man is possessive. Instinctively, he needs her to need him. He may criticize just a little too much, but in bed, the fireworks are hot and heavy. If Scorpio woman can let Scorpio man feel in charge, this can be a probable long-term relationship. The two also have a good chance for marriage.


Scorpio man is so crazy about Scorpio woman that he tries to control her. In fact, he puts her down sometimes simply to keep her close to him. He doesn't want her to go too far, out of his reach.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is a lot more direct and blunt than Scorpio woman, and the one thing he wants from her is the truth. She gives it to him as much as she can but has a hard time unmasking herself. However, if the Archer is patient, Scorpio will reveal all her hidden mysteries. These two go well together, even though trust could be an issue from the get-go. In bed, Sagittarius has all the right moves if he doesn't doubt himself too much. All in all, though, this can be a fiery, passionate union. It is a very possible long-term thing and also a possible marriage.


Sagittarius man needs to trust his feelings and go with it. If he's looking for too much assurance in the beginning, he may not get it from Scorpio woman. He must give her time to open up, or this love combo won't work!

Capricorn Man

In the beginning, Capricorn man will capture Scorpio's attention. She's drawn to his stability, to his friendly, easygoing manner, and to his looks. But Capricorn man has other things on his agenda. He has trouble figuring her out, and this bothers him. He'd like things to go more smoothly. She'd like him to be more affectionate. This match truly depends on what Capricorn has in the rest of his chart. If his Venus is in a Water or even a Fire sign, they may have a chance. Most likely, this is a possible long-term thing. It's also a possible but not likely marriage.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is fascinated by the strange, the unpredictable. If Scorpio woman can give him the freedom to roam, he might even fall for her. Chances are, though, he'd like to let the relationship go with the flow, and she wants promises right away. In bed, Scorpio woman loves it that nothing shocks Aquarius. She can be as free as she wants and, though she may hold back, she likes the security of knowing that nothing is taboo — except emotional surrender. (Aquarians are notoriously distant in this respect.) This is a possible long-term thing, but it's not a probable marriage.

Pisces Man

Love and sex isn't rocket science, and Scorpio wishes Pisces man would understand this. Sometimes they misinterpret each other. She just wants to make things simpler, and here Pisces gives Scorpio woman the kind of affection and devotion she's looking for. Pisces doesn't mind so much that she's possessive of him. In fact, he kind of likes it. They both like to touch, and the sensuality in this union can be deep and powerful. If Scorpio can adjust to Pisces' schedule — he has more energy than she does — this can be a good long-term relationship, even a very possible marriage.


How does Scorpio seduce Pisces?

With mystery. Pisces loves to solve a puzzle. The intrigue will keep him coming back for more. He also loves music and romantic settings.

Aries Man

Cool, sexy, dominant Aries fascinates Scorpio woman completely. In return, she intrigues him. Unfortunately, Scorpio can try to hold Aries back when it comes to his socializing. This can be disastrous since he needs to feel free. Once he has the option to roam, he'll most likely run back to her side. In bed, they're both instinctive and each can give the other the perfect dose of loving. If Scorpio is willing to let Aries shine, this can be a probable long-term thing, with marriage a possibility in the long run.

Taurus Man

Normally Earth and Water signs don't mix very well. But something else is at work here with Taurus and Scorpio. They're both sensitive, and they can both be traditional (though this is more likely of Taurus). Sexually, they're the two hottest signs of the zodiac. Scorpio is more instinctive and sexual, while Taurus is more sensual. If Scorpio woman can take it slow and let Taurus lead, they will have no problems in bed. On the contrary, if the sex is no good, these two will not last. This can be a possible long-term relationship. It's not a probable marriage but, strangely enough, still possible.


Watch out! Both Scorpio and Taurus have an obsessive side. In this case, Taurus might idealize and fantasize about Scorpio man, putting him on a pedestal that he may or may not deserve. Maintaining a balance between these two is difficult but it can be done.

Gemini Man

Scorpio woman is not likely to get a word in edgewise with Gemini man. Though he'll capture her attention for brief stretches of time, she knows better than to wait for more. Gemini won't put in the time to break down her barriers and get to know the real woman behind the façade. Deep down, that's just what she's hoping for in a long-term mate: acknowledgment and acceptance. In bed, Gemini man confuses Scorpio woman with his role-playing and mumbling about “what he's going to do with her.” “Just do it already,” she thinks. In the long run, this can be a positive long-term thing, but it's not a probable marriage.

Cancer Man

These two inflame each other across the board, spiritually, mentally, and even physically. Though Cancer probably needs more security than Scorpio does — even in the beginning — she can keep Cancer man happy in almost all regards. Both are notorious game players, and Cancer man can be quite the Casanova at times. Scorpio woman, though, is intense enough to keep his attention. The only problem in this match is the way these two fight. They go all out and bare their souls — without thought of the consequences of saying what first comes to mind. As a result, they can get nasty with each other, and the two have trouble forgiving afterward. At the end, however, this can be a very good long-term thing, with a good chance for marriage.


Cancer man just loves provoking Scorpio woman to the point of hysteria. Her passion and anger is what he's after — he lives for the challenge of calming her and making her his own.

Leo Man

Leo man simply can't figure out what to do with Scorpio woman. She misinterprets and misunderstands what he says — and he's pretty direct. He adores her and makes her know it. But she doesn't trust him. In this case, the lowest common denominator of happiness really does apply. Scorpio becomes sullen or moody and brings Leo man down with her. Leo and Scorpio in bed, though, make a fantastic pair. When they get closer, they have passionate, sexy trysts and can laugh a lot together. If Leo can side with Scorpio when she complains and wait patiently until she snaps out of it, this can be a possible long-term relationship and also a possible marriage.

Virgo Man

Virgo and Scorpio are like night and day. In fact, they're more likely to talk about and analyze their relationship together than they are to have one. Though Scorpio doesn't let on, she'd like just a little more attention and affection than Virgo man is willing to give. Scorpio has more worldly, glamorous tastes than Virgo. If Virgo has a lot of Water or Fire in his chart, they could get along well. Still, this is probably not a long-term thing, and it's an unlikely marriage as well, but it's certainly possible.


Both Virgo man and Scorpio woman find it difficult to open up. In bed, they can have fun if Virgo admits to his baser instincts. Scorpio, though, is impressed with Virgo's get-right-down-to-it style and his good business sense.

Libra Man

Libra's occasionally distant emotional nature intrigues Scorpio, but he makes her wary, too. She gets insecure if he criticizes her, and she senses that she will never live up to his perfectionist ideals. To Libra, mysterious, sensual Scorpio is a real handful, and he's not quite sure if he's ready to deal with her expansive ways. A good roll in the hay will change his mind, if he's willing. But Libra is picky with his bed partners. He teases but only sometimes follows through, running hot and cold emotionally as well as physically. If Libra doesn't scare Scorpio off with his “free love” ways, this can be a possible long-term relationship. It's a possible, but not probable, marriage.

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