Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

All Scorpios are incredibly accomplished lovers. They have an innate sexual instinct and their passion rides them, and you. You'll feel like you're swept away with dark, alluring Scorpio. But he won't seduce you unless his mind is there. Try to get him to laugh at himself. Scorpio places too much importance, sometimes, on the little things. He gets wrapped up in details and fails to see the big picture.

The Secret Scorpio Man

Scorpio man tends to get obsessed about things. It may be you in the beginning. But once he has you, the obsession will probably shift to his work. Work and livelihood is very important to Scorpio man. His coworkers, most likely, think of him as a dedicated soul — difficult as he is. He's a perfectionist. When things don't go his way, he has a hard time dealing with it, fretting and pouting in his free time.

This little tidbit is important to know because it may spill into your sex and relationship time together. Once you relax Scorpio sufficiently, though, he will pour his passion and dedication into you. His perfectionism, in this case, is directed to an entirely different goal. He'll want to seduce you completely and utterly. Here's one thing you don't have to worry about: Though Scorpio man can dominate in bed, he won't mind letting you take the reins once in awhile. It depends on his mood. The key to success in the bedroom with Scorpio is to follow his lead. Rest assured: Instinctively and passionately, Scorpio's got your number.


Scorpio man actually feels more than he lets on. If he confesses strong feelings for you, chances are they're even stronger than you imagine.

The Secret Scorpio Woman Though she's outgoing, funny, and smart, she's got a lot going on under the surface. She seems so open and liberal with her feelings; instead, she has lots of personal issues that secretly haunt her. Whether these problems have to do with her relationship, her family, or her work, she'll entrust her skeletons to one person and one person only: her other half, her love. In other words, you'll know whether she loves you and trusts you — for Scorpio, the two go hand in hand — if she confesses her deepest, darkest secrets.

But Scorpio woman is, indeed, a private soul. She, too, can be coerced to talk more freely in bed. After making love, she lets her guard down. This is a perfect time to find her demons and get her to open up to you. For Scorpio, sex is like air — she needs it to survive.


Scorpio woman is also sensual. Though she may come off as conservative in public, she's passionate and playful in bed. She loves to be in love. She'll worship you with her actions more than words, but once you have her heart, you have a true, loving soul who would bring you the moon if she could.

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