Sun Love Matches

Passionate, sexy, fierce, and even a bit dangerous, Sagittarius is potent and will look for a partner who's potent as well. Just keep in mind that Sagittarius likes to be the ruler. If he gets involved with bossy Leo or demanding Aries, it can work because the fire is there … but only if he's given his respect and his due. Authority is everything to Sagittarius. Sagittarius goes well with Water signs, too, which seem to bring out the best in him. They also dote and give him the security and stability he secretly longs for. Read on to learn about the love compatibility matches for a Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius Man

These two really know how to have a good time together. They're passionate about all the same things, and if there's one little thing they don't agree on, they understand how to give the other the time and space required to get over it.


There are only two problems with the match between Sagittarius man and woman: the fighting and the making up. For one, neither Sagittarius will back down in a fight. Making up becomes a problem when Sagittarius craves a soft, stable, nurturing hand to turn to when he's willing to be coaxed.

They both know how to play, to love, and to make love. They have to be careful not to step on each other's toes, though. This can be a very good long-term thing and a very possible marriage.

Capricorn Man

There is definitely something that inspires Sagittarius woman's interest in Capricorn man. He's intelligent, interesting, stable, and pretty much knows what he wants. Strangely enough, too, he exposes her sensitive side — something she doesn't show to many. In this case, though, it makes her feel oddly vulnerable. In fact, these two are cut from different cloths. Sagittarius woman feels and goes with instinct, while Capricorn man rationalizes. In bed, he normally does not have the fire or the passion to fill her with the emotions she craves. This is a very possible long-term thing, but it's not a probable marriage.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius and Sagittarius are strangely drawn to each other. The chemistry here can be powerful and wicked. Know one thing, though. Life isn't fair. Sexually, the two reach new heights. Emotionally and mentally, however, these two will eventually have big problems. Aquarius analyzes and thinks. Sagittarius wants affection, though she won't ask for it. Ironically enough, though this can be a very promising long-term thing, it's not a probable (or long-lasting) marriage.


They can travel together and have new experiences, but Sagittarius woman will soon regard Aquarius man as emotionally distant and maybe even superficial, at times. True, these two are some of the more independent and liberal of the signs. But their common ground stops there.

Pisces Man

Others see these two as complete opposites. She's a little more macho than he is, yet still very feminine — nurturing and romantic, for instance — and sophisticated. In other words, she's a strong woman. However, he gives her the respect and the power she craves so this may even be a good match.


Sagittarius man and Pisces woman is the ultimate combination. But Sagittarius woman and Pisces man can work, too. Quiet strength between these two is the ultimate factor. And they seem to bring out the best in one another.

True, if he has no Fire in his chart, he may be a little too sweet for her in bed. But if she's smart (which she is) and if she cares, she can bring out the reckless, stronger side of Pisces. If he decides to be loyal to her and gives out some Fire, this can be a long-term relationship. It's also a very possible marriage.

Aries Man

Fire. Fire. Fire. Aries man tempts Sagittarius woman like crazy. He's got her, and she knows it (even if she doesn't let on). She loves his unpredictability, his nerve, his sex appeal, and the fact that he's outright ballsy. She admires him for the way he so easily deals with people and always knows the right thing to say. Unfortunately, when she gets to understand him better, she sees him as a showoff and someone who doesn't necessarily keep his word. They like to experiment in bed, and Aries will make Sagittarius feel completely cherished. This alone will get her, though she may suffer some disappointment in the future when his interests quickly turn off and on again. Most likely, she's more evolved and mature than he is. This pair can still be very possible, whether for a long-term relationship or for marriage.

Taurus Man

Taurus man sparks Sagittarius woman's interest because she really likes the way he looks — well built, sexy, and powerful. She's instinctively drawn to him sexually, and these two can move mountains in bed. Taurus man pays homage to Sagittarius. He worships her (services her!) and she, in turn, knows what a treasure she's found. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is way too liberal and independent for conservative Taurus. He'll want security and trust — which she can give him — but, most likely, he won't wait long enough. If Taurus gets totally obsessed with Sagittarius, which he's prone to do, she may give him a chance. This can be a possible long-term relationship. It's also a possible marriage, just probably not a good one.


Taurus will shy away from conflict, and when the two argue he misses the crux of the matter, the subtleties. This drives Sagittarius woman up the wall.

Gemini Man

Gemini makes Sagittarius smile and laugh. In fact, he also makes her feel … deeply. And this is a problem. Though Gemini appears sensitive and sensuous, he's really not half as emotionally driven as Sagittarius woman. This is dangerous. She wants to conquer him — to make him feel. In bed, Gemini brings out the wildness of Sagittarius. She wishes they truly connected more. This can be a very possible long-term thing, but it's not a probable marriage.

Cancer Man

This is a tossup. It really depends how mature Cancer man is. If he knows himself and can voice his emotions, this can work. Cancer man can sometimes gain security by playing the Casanova with women. But when he sees Sagittarius woman, he gets inspired. He wants to win her, and she just may let him. In bed, they become incredibly adventurous if Sagittarius can make him think he's completely in charge. Remember, he's a Cardinal sign (meaning he likes to dominate.) No matter, she's instinctive enough to let him take the reins. This relationship can flourish only if Sagittarius gets to the bottom of who Cancer really is. He'll sidestep and hide from her scrutinizing gaze. If he lets her in, though, and if she's truly ready to settle down, this can be a good long-term thing. It's a good marriage, too.

Leo Man

Ouch. These two have a hard time getting together. Why? Believe it or not, their sexual craving for each other is so strong that talk is pretty much impossible. Also, both have a quiet side, with each failing to voice how they truly feel. Sagittarius woman thinks Leo man is just toying with her, but this is simply an act. In fact, he's probably dead serious about her. They misinterpret and misunderstand that, really, the love is mutual. Most likely, Sagittarius will put it out there and wait for Leo man to come back strong and steady with verbal cues. But he's action-oriented, like Sagittarius woman. In bed, Leo whispers endearments Sagittarius has wanted to hear her entire life. And the physical side of things is perfect. If they can let go of their ideals, they can have a long, passionate, wonderful relationship. This can be a probable long-term thing and a very possible marriage.


There can be two problems here. One, Sagittarius needs to let Leo man dominate in bed completely. And two, Leo man, due to his insecurity, will not show or verbalize his feelings often. Trust is essential for Sagittarius. Leo doesn't stay unless he's smitten.

Virgo Man

Sagittarius woman is completely taken aback by Virgo's freshness. His wit and self-mocking humor get to her. She likes it. She also understands his abrupt way of dealing with people — she does it sometimes, too. But, strangely enough, she can't stand his intolerance of so many things. Unfortunately, this leads to trouble in the bedroom. Sagittarius loses just a bit a respect for Virgo man only because they have two completely different ways of seeing things. She sparks his interest in a physical way — but that's all. These two might have a long-term thing, but it's not probable. Marriage isn't likely either.

Libra Man

Sagittarius has got it bad for Libra. She senses a troubled soul — one whom she can save. She's right about the first part. He may have problems, but she's not likely the one who can rescue him. Actually, Libra sees her as too brash and bold for his tastes. He'd like to match her step for step … for at least one night, but not much more than that. If he goes to bed with her, it can be all sparks, but Sagittarius may just wake up the next morning, perhaps, regretting their liaison — which Libra might do, too. These two are perfectly friendship-friendly, but they aren't love-bound. All in all, this may be an okay long-term thing, but it's not a probable marriage.

Scorpio Man

If Sagittarius woman was looking for someone cool, a real challenge, she's finally met her match. Dark, mysterious, sexy Scorpio gets her going, and he's enthralled by her, too. When does she fall in love with Scorpio man? After she goes to bed with him. They fit together perfectly. However, Scorpio is much more pessimistic than optimistic Sagittarius. He brings her down with his moody, self-pitying ways. She also provokes him to defend himself — which he detests. If Scorpio is mature and has his temper under control, though, this can work. It depends on how much the two are willing to give passion and love a real chance. If they are, this can be a possible long-term thing and a possible marriage beyond that.

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