The Art of Attraction

Pisces, though, can be very practical. He instinctively knows if a love match will work or if it won't. He won't stay in a relationship if he doesn't believe it's going somewhere. Also, many aspects of the relationship have to be good before he'll be convinced. If a mate is not giving, generous, and loving with him, he's not going to be those things either. However, Pisces man differs in this regard from Pisces woman. Pisces woman tends to be stronger in terms of character — at least until Pisces man comes into his own and learns from his past errors in judgment.


While both Pisces men and women may worship a potential mate from afar, Pisces woman will do something about it. Pisces man, on the other hand, usually keeps quiet. He might even develop an unhealthy obsession if he doesn't try to solve the problem and capture his heart's desire.

The Long Haul

Pisces makes an extraordinarily good parent. There are only two problems. Pisces could, at times, emotionally distance herself from her children when she needs to take a break from the grind, and she is geared to put her mate above all others … including her own progeny. This is not the rule, and there can be exceptions, of course. Still, this tends to be a Pisces trait.

Pisces does live for love — the good kind. That is, Pisces wants real love. He wants a partner who is a lover, best friend, and an equal. This, too, makes Pisces an excellent choice for a long-term mate. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Pisces also needs a good creative outlet in which to express himself. Though he'll dedicate himself to a love partner and do everything in his power to make her feel nearly worshipped, he'll still need some kind of work or hobby (even if it's just reading) that will enable him to use his mind. Pisces has a fantastic imagination, and he doesn't like to let it stagnate for long.

He/She: The Little Stuff Counts

While Pisces woman is practically born refined and sophisticated, Pisces man can run the gamut from refined to bohemian to trendy. Though Pisces may seem like a snob from the outset, she is actually not so judgmental and is always diplomatic.


Actually, because Pisces is a feminine sign, Pisces man can sometimes have effeminate qualities or, at the very least, a sympathetic ear. One physical attribute present in a Pisces man is his big or cat-like, kind eyes.

Pisces woman usually keeps up with the newest fashions, but she's never tacky. On the contrary, there's always a feminine allure to the typical Pisces woman.

What Attracts Pisces?

To attract a Pisces woman, a man must be a bit dapper but very tasteful. Loud, gaudy, or vulgar clothing (or speech) turns off a Pisces woman quicker than you can imagine. No jewelry, please! Pisces woman does not normally date men who wear chains or an earring. Pisces man likes a woman with a very clean, neat look. Little or no makeup is preferred, and long hair can be a big turn-on as long as it's back, up, or simply styled. Short hair is great, too. Though Pisces man likes sexy, he'll favor a more plainly dressed — conservative, casual, or even a bit funky if it's in an artsy way — woman for the long haul.

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