Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

Pisces tends to be secretive about her sex life. She's not apt to relate personal details to friends or acquaintances. But one thing is for sure: When the lights go out, she turns on! Pisces is sexy, sensual, and loving. Though she's less likely than most other signs to jump from bed to bed, it's not entirely against her principles if she feels something for the person in question (even if she doesn't plan on staying forever). However, emotionless sex for a Pisces is like being a fish out of water — especially for Pisces woman. She'll want to feel excited about you and the way things are going. That's when she'll let loose.

The Secret Pisces Man

Pisces man, like Pisces woman, always feels a bit above everyone else in the room. It's a smug sense of security he has, and it comes from his seemingly superior intelligence (not from self-assuredness of his looks). He may not brag, swagger, or put it out there, but Pisces man is always convinced that one could do much worse than to be with him. In fact, he'll be quite miffed if a woman picks another man over him. He's the first to secretly list the winner's faults. He may even tell you about them. But he'll never beg. Pisces man will never woo a woman by dropping to his knees.

Romance Counts

To seduce a Pisces man, be romantic. Open a bottle of wine, light some candles, and ask him to read you his poetry. Chances are good that he has something on hand, waiting.


Pisces man is passionate and sensual. He wants to be respected and appreciated for his creativity and his sharp mind. If he intuits that you're the least bit superficial or flaky, he'll run the other way.

Don't compliment him excessively on his looks — if you do, make sure to also compliment him on his personality or character — he wants a connection of the mind. Talk about the future, the world, and things of nature and beauty. Stay away from gossiping about other people, which will make him not trust you, and talking too much about your future life together. Don't push too hard too fast.

The Secret Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is an ace at knowing just how to make the man of her choice fall head over heels in love. If she's not succeeding in doing this, she's simply with the wrong man — one who doesn't have strong feelingsfor her, perhaps. She has a way of operating, though, every time. Although she's nurturing and affectionate, she'll pull away to punish her man for something he's done. At this point, her mate has to make it up to her to win her back. The reason Pisces woman does this? It works. Most men respond to her very well, indeed.

She Wants to be Wooed and Courted

Seducing a Pisces woman is never as easy as just a good line, a handsome face, or an expensive dinner. Once again, it's the whole package. She loves to laugh and also to listen — she's a great listener. She doesn't necessarily need to hear words of love every five minutes, but she will expect it to come out in her partner's actions when he's with her.

He must be incredibly thoughtful and treat her like a real woman. Anything less will turn her cold. Though she tends to go for less gregarious types, she'll want an intelligent, adventurous man who will be exciting in bed, too. Earthy, exceptionally practical men turn her off and will not bring out her sultry, sensuous nature. In bed, Pisces woman can be persuaded to try almost anything — once. She does it out of curiosity and to appease the man she loves. Yes, Pisces woman is a gem. If she's treated like one, she won't stop at anything to treat her man like one, too.

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