Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

How much a Libra suffers earlier on in life will normally determine how mature he is. Libras who grow up with a sense of discipline, not spoiled, will be quite evolved. This carries over to the bedroom. A less mature Libra man, for example, will need to feel completely in charge in bed. He'll pick a woman who is demure or inexperienced for a long-term mate. For a fling, he'll choose a woman whose tastes run on the kinky side.

All Libras love sex. Actually, their libidos may even be the biggest in the zodiac. They also have a hidden side (like Virgo does) that only comes out with either partners they feel comfortable with or partners they don't think they'll keep around for long. Verbally, they like to test out a partner.

The Secret Libra Man

Many times, Libra man will speak with his eyes. Though he talks a good game and he might even be touchy-feely, this means nothing. You'll know if a Libra man is serious about you by the way he looks at you — it'll be different from the way he looks at others. His eyes have the power to pierce your soul. You'll feel it in your gut.


If you're seducing a Libra man, let him seduce you. If you've already been intimate with him, you can be bolder. Stare into his eyes, and touch his stomach softly. He'll melt.

One good way to capture a Libra man is to let him come to you. Ignore him a little, but always be polite. He'll be waiting for you on your doorstep when you come home. Also remember that Libra is expecting you to make the wrong move. He'll watch you from afar and even have his friends keep an eye on you. Libras are notorious observers when it comes to love. Any indecent or inappropriate behavior — including excessive flirting or affection with the opposite sex — will turn a Libra off pronto.

Libras can also be sensitive to touch. If he lets you, give him a massage. Once Libra is comfortable with you, you can tell him what you like, too. Let Libra man steer the bed play to where he wants it to go and try to go along with it. He'll open up more with his thoughts and feelings in bed.

The Secret Libra Woman

She likes men who are skilled in the art of making love. To her, sex is really art, and it must be beautiful in some way. This doesn't mean that she must always be in love to make love. On the contrary, Libra woman is just as good at separating the real thing from a sexual adventure. Though she prefers to be completely swept away in love, she's capable of having fun, too.

Libra woman tends to be quite independent. She can sometimes be more aggressive in bed than Libra man. She knows what she wants and usually gets it. Though she can be a heartbreaker, she always tells it straight. She won't lead you on, for example, if she doesn't intend to follow through. Though it might take her a little while to decide, once she does, she's crystal clear.


Libra woman tends to have lots of energy. This carries over into the bedroom as well. She'll look for a partner who wants to go all night — not one who seems to think that “foreplay” means something to do with golf.

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