The Art of Attraction

Leo will always root for the underdog. She deeply empathizes with the one she believes to be in the right and will fight tooth and nail for him (like Aquarius, except that Leo is less naive). She always assesses the situation first and then takes action. Sometimes she can be apathetic, but if the person is a true friend, she'll do everything she can to help.

Above all, Leo despises pettiness in others. If she sees that someone is fixed on trivial things — too focused on details, a penny-pincher, unkind, or unfriendly toward the less fortunate — she'll lose her cool. Signs of the zodiac who pick a fight for no reason or who have some of these traits will never win a Leo's heart. Leo is always a noble creature, and she expects those around her to be as well.

The Long Haul

Pride is a genuine factor when considering a Leo as a future mate. Ego is essential to a Lion. Many think that Leo is cocky and full of himself, but this isn't usually so. Instead, Leo is insecure and worries that people won't recognize him as powerful. In fact, keeping a Lion happy almost always has to do with stroking his ego the right way. If he's constantly made jealous or treated badly, he'll keep with the relationship for only enough time to see if he can turn things around — Leo's an optimist at heart. But if he can't take the heat any longer, he'll sprint off to find cooler waters.


Leos let pride determine who their partners will be. They want someone who's faithful and loving, someone who will tell them how wonderful they are at all times. An insecure Leo is not a pretty sight.

However, Leo can't stand those who fawn all over him. He wants a partner with a real spine who can stand up to him and to take control. Yes, Leo is strong. You'd think he wanted a mate to carry out his every whim. Not so. He does want someone who will go along with him, but he also needs a partner who will put him in his place if need be. More than anything, Leo needs to respect a partner intensely. Without the grand respect, Leo can fall into lust but never in love.

He/She: The Little Stuff Counts

To lose a Leo fast, dress scruffily or show up at her doorstep unkempt. Leo will take you to a little hole in the wall because she doesn't want to be seen with you. Appearance is important to Leo, whether man or woman. Leo takes great care while dressing for a date, and she expects you to do the same. Hair is very important to Leos. For a Leo man, a woman with long, beautiful hair is a fantastic turn-on. Compliment a Leo woman on her eyes and/or her hair, and she'll be yours for the evening.

Leo always goes for sexy. A man with an earring won't turn a Leo woman off — if it's tasteful. However, she will find excessive jewelry on a man too much. Contrary to popular belief, Leo does not like ostentatious showoffs. The male Lion goes for sexy and subtle. Remember, too, that Leo likes to feel he's won someone over with his charm and intelligence. If Leo's date starts checking out other guys while she's on his arm, he'll play it cool, but he'll also take away all her Brownie points. You won't win by making Leo angry.


Though Leo can hold his own in any verbal war, he'll blame you for making him lose his cool. He doesn't like to fight and won't stay long with a partner who reduces him to it.

Though Leo doesn't like to fight, she does like challenge. If she wins a partner too easily, she'll wonder why. Cocky as she may seem, though, she'll never think, “Oh, I conquered him right away because I'm wonderful.” Gemini might say this, but Leo won't. Also remember that Leo goes by feeling and instinct more than by rationalization. She's all Fire and wants to be swept away with love and desire.

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