Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

Leo is lusty and loves sex. Leo longs to be won over, body and soul. A little playfulness in the bedroom helps the Lion feel more relaxed. Like a cat, people of this sign can be curious, too, about all kinds of bed play. Though she'll shy away from sex toys — perhaps indicating to you that she thinks they're vulgar — this may be all for show. Secretly, she'll hope you can find just the right way to persuade her into trying them. Leo can also go back and forth in terms of her willingness to try other new things. This seriously depends on her partner. If she feels completely respected and adored, she's more likely to let loose. If not, she's unlikely to feel very adventurous — ever.


Leo is a romantic at heart and must decide beforehand if a partner is just a sex mate or a more long-term thing. She's capable of having a fling if she's convinced it won't hurt anyone — especially herself.

The Secret Leo Man

It has been said that Leos are not as strong and sturdy as they seem. This is sometimes doubly true of the male Lion. Always remember that narcissism is a product of deep insecurity. He appears to be sleek, cool, and graceful. He speaks through movements rather than through words — a smile, a shake of the head, a wink, or a touch. If he talks a lot, he's covering a silence that, to him, is unbearable — he more clearly hears the thoughts in his head. Leo men are notoriously critical of themselves.

Sarcastic Barbs

Both Sagittarius and Leo men are also known for their sarcastic barbs. Their little subtle comments are designed to put you off guard and off balance. Again, this comes from a need to reduce others. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the ruse they use to simply feel better about themselves. Your only good counter against this is to reply with a mature, noble answer. If you use sarcasm or nastiness back, ironically enough, Leo will feel like you're the one attacking him.


A more evolved Leo won't use sarcasm to belittle you. If you know a Leo who does, don't reduce yourself to his level. He won't respect you for it. Instead, give him an ultimatum. If he feels he'll lose you because of his insensitivity, he'll quickly change his ways.

The King of the Bedroom

One important thing to remember is that Leo man absolutely must dominate in bed. If you're aggressive with him, he won't like it. He needs to feel like a real he-man. This is essential to him. The coyer you are, the better. Sexually, Leo man also needs to feel loved and nurtured. He likes being “mommied.” He runs hot and cold, though. If he's feeling like he loves you in the moment, he's a dynamo who puts Rudolph Valentino's romantic repertoire to shame. If he doesn't, you may get the feeling a tornado has just hit you.

A Sensitive Soul

Leo man is sensitive, too. If you insult him about his lovemaking, he won't defend himself and try to make it better (the way Aries would). And he certainly won't let it roll off his back easily (as Sagittarius does). Instead, he'll instinctively get a bad feeling about you without consciously knowing where it came from. He'll push you away. Then he'll look elsewhere for a partner who makes him feel good about himself.

The Secret Leo Woman

She also appears strong, but she's got barriers up. Deep down, she doesn't realize that she has awesome power. Once she taps into this, it's smooth sailing. Again, a Leo woman can be insecure, too. Her need for compliments is unusually insatiable. But they better be real or Leo will sense it. Unlike Leo man, a Leo woman needs to be dominated completely. She's good at being aggressive and taking charge in bed, but she doesn't really like it. Instead, she wants deep, powerful, mysterious sex. Sex is the only place she's convinced herself she can let down her guard. She wants to surrender to a mate — even if she finds him difficult to come by. Leos, like Virgos, are very selective about their friends and mates. Virgo, though, will sometimes give more of a chance than Leo will — even though Virgo trusts less.


Leo woman has constant scripts and scenarios running in her head. If you can say just the right words or touch her in just the right place, she'll be yours. She may even feel that your connection with her is destiny.

Oh, and here's one more thing: Don't ever try to manipulate a Leo woman, in or out of bed. Leo woman may come off as a femme fatale, but that's because she chooses to be seen that way. It's a defense mechanism. She may like to play and provoke, but she's almost never sneaky or deceptive like Gemini or Scorpio. And she'll hate it if you think that she is. Instead, if a Leo woman is reserved and doesn't speak up about something bothering her, either ask her what's wrong or let it pass. Don't immediately assume that Leo is formulating some scheme against you. She isn't. Deep down, Leo's good. Treat her like the nobility she is, and you'll always win with the female Lion.

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