Sun Love Matches

Gemini tends to fall for rogues, Casanova types, man-eaters, or lady-killers. Gemini woman will always look for a “difficult” partner — one who has a sharp tongue and who is not easy to control. She basically has two types: anyone she can lead around and tell what to do, and anyone who will dominate her. The latter has a better chance of winning her heart. Read on to learn about the love-sign matches for the female Twin.

Gemini Man

These two like to gossip, play, and get into trouble together. They sometimes get into cat-and-dog fights only to turn around, kiss, and make up. Don't bother siding with one of them because they're more likely to forgive each other and consider you a traitor. In fact, they're each other's sounding board. Their connection is deep because it's based on the mind (and good sex). Unfortunately, neither is extremely adept at earning money and keeping it. They have great ideas, but they are likely to start a project and never finish it. However, these two make a probable long-term relationship and have a good chance for marriage.


Gemini signs will be instantly attracted to each other — even if it's only for a secret, steamy affair. A good example of this could be Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy (both Geminis).

Cancer Man

These two can be manipulative and sneaky with a tendency to play dirty — and they actually like this about one another. Things are definitely not boring between them. Unfortunately, Cancer doesn't always trust Gemini woman on many levels. She flirts with others too much for his taste. She tells little fibs here and there and seems a bit detached from her feelings at times. Cancer man could teach her many things, but Gemini woman won't let him. Both can be possessive and moody although Gemini can be quickly snapped out of a bad mood while Cancer can't. This bothers Gemini woman. She also likes to go out on the town more than the Crab. In bed, both are adventurous, but Cancer wants Gemini to prove her feelings run deeper than he suspects. This can be a long-term relationship but not a probable marriage.

Leo Man

Leo man finds Gemini to be refreshing, exciting, interesting, and witty. No one can make Leo laugh like Gemini. Though he finds her antics amusing, he slowly tires of them. The two challenge each other, but Leo doesn't like liars, however harmless. Both know how to play the game and keep each other guessing. Leo gives Gemini the kind of loyalty she needs, but Gemini has a hard time doing the same for Leo man. She loves the fact that he's generous with money. In bed, things can be utter paradise or complete hell — depending on whether the two stay on the same level during the relationship. If they can find a good balance, this might be a possible long-term partnership or marriage.


Gemini woman runs if she feels pressured or suffocated in a relationship. Leo man instinctively knows how to treat her with kid gloves. If he provokes her, chances are he's looking for an easy way to escape the relationship himself.

Virgo Man

It's difficult to be around these two when they bicker. Verbally, they can be cutting and harsh. In fact, if there's any man who can reduce Gemini woman to tears, it's Virgo man. She'll have to develop a thicker skin to be with him. Intellectually, though, these two can talk ‘til morning. They know how to amuse one another, and Gemini likes Virgo's attentive, instinctive style in bed. Also, if Gemini can convince Virgo to give way to his natural sexual tendencies, these two can go for hours and hours without coming up for air (that is, if they ever make it to the bed). Unfortunately though, Virgo can sometimes bring out the worst in Gemini woman. She'll purposely provoke and irritate him for the fun of it, and the relationship will end. This is a possible long-term relationship but not a recommended marriage.

Libra Man

Together, these two are wickedly mischievous. Gemini woman is impressed with Libra's sense of style and flair. She loves his eyes and his long, sexy stares. She'll be curious to figure him out. Both like to be worshipped in bed and, though the sex can be masterful, Libra man sometimes wishes Gemini woman would be a little more soft and shy for him. This would make him more comfortable. This is a probable long-term relationship, and there's an excellent chance for marriage if Libra man can “tame” Gemini woman to his liking.


Libra is not as cool and calm as he seems to be. His silent treatments make her nervous and may make her a bit aggressive. Libra also likes to avoid conflict, while Gemini searches it out.

Scorpio Man

When Scorpio falls, he falls hard. In the beginning, he'll give Gemini woman the attention she needs. He'll call when he's supposed to and treat her like a queen. But this affection may dwindle after awhile or even stop completely. Gemini woman also doesn't have the means or the inclination to figure out Scorpio's hidden agenda. The two can go in circles with verbal games. Also, Gemini can't stand Scorpio's bad moods. Scorpio, though, has just the right blend of passion and moves in bed for finicky Gemini. If she goes to bed with him, she'll keep coming back for more. They have a somewhat decent chance for a long-term relationship, but they're not likely to marry.

Sagittarius Man

Gemini woman and Sagittarius man sometimes make a great couple because when Sagittarius becomes quiet, Gemini keeps the conversation going. True, Gemini is a bit too flighty for Sagittarius's tastes, and he also doesn't always trust her. Together, though, they can travel around the world and have amazing experiences. Unfortunately, Gemini woman doesn't always take his advice, and this bothers him. She can also get possessive, which he also definitely doesn't like. In bed, though, these two create fireworks. If Gemini can remain emotionally stable, it's probable these two will have a long-term thing and, beyond that, marriage is possible.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man doesn't believe a single thing that comes out of Gemini's mouth — and he shouldn't. She purposely shocks him and provokes him for kicks. He's too easy a target for her. This combination really depends upon what is in the rest of Capricorn's chart. If he is especially earthy, forget it. If he has a lot of Air and Fire, this can be a good match. Gemini inspires Capricorn to make money and try new things. Capricorn, on the other hand, grounds Gemini. If she takes him seriously, these two can conquer worlds together. In bed, Gemini tends to be a bit wilder than the Goat, and she may grow tired of his more conservative approach to lovemaking. This can be a possible long-term partnership, but it's not a probable marriage.


The easiest downfall for Capricorn with Gemini is that the Twin likes to talk about the relationship (and maybe even the sex). Capricorn will avoid these conversations at all costs! This makes Gemini nervous. Eventually, this problem will fester and become bigger than the love partnership itself.

Aquarius Man

These two make a great team. Finally, Aquarius man has found a woman who excites him and can keep him on his toes. Though Aquarius is a bit more grounded than Gemini woman, the two together can still get into plenty of mischief. Fun is a key word here. Laughter is another. They both have the same style in and out of bed. Aquarius man, though, can sometimes be a bit too strange for Gemini (but she may just appreciate this, too). If these two stay away from superficial matters and get their priorities in order, this can be an excellent long-term relationship and a good marriage after that.

Pisces Man

These two make a strange pair, but it seems to work. Pisces is very quiet, Gemini does all the talking, and neither minds a bit. Pisces provides an outlet through which Gemini can experience the range of her emotions. Pisces has a lot to teach her, and Gemini is curious to learn from mysterious Pisces. If he stays strong and doesn't let Gemini play with his affections, they can be good together. Pisces, though, is a bit more romantic in bed while Gemini is more spontaneous. This can be an interesting couple, though — both in and out of the bedroom. If Gemini doesn't get too clingy and Pisces too withdrawn, they have a possible longterm relationship in store, and then a good chance for marriage.

Aries Man

Aries man knows just how to get Gemini woman interested. One look and she's hooked. Neither one likes to feel pressured or suffocated in a relationship. But they like going out, being social, and flirting. There's only one problem: Gemini does it for fun, while Aries means it. If Gemini gets possessive, Aries will run the other way. In bed, though, these two are a sexual miracle — fabulous lovers. If Gemini respects Aries preferences for life and the way it should be lived, this is a probable long-term relationship, with a good outlook for marriage.


Gemini's little outbursts might bother Aries, and he won't forgive her if she says something nasty to him. However, she won't take it back.

Taurus Man

No matter how hard he tries to figure out Gemini woman, he simply can't get what makes her tick. This will drive him nuts. Just when he imagines things are going smoothly, she shows up late, once again, with a ridiculously flimsy excuse. He lets her get away with it because he can't stand fighting in public. He prays she won't make a scene. Sometimes he's embarrassed by her flamboyant sexual behavior — though he's secretly turned on by it. If Gemini lets him, Taurus can show her a thing or two in bed. Once she's gone to bed with him, Gemini won't easily let Taurus get away. Though this is a strange couple, they can have a possible long-term relationship, though marriage isn't necessarily a good idea.

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