Split Personality

So how is it possible to predict what a Gemini will do next when he, himself, doesn't know? It's not easy. One moment he seems to like you, while the next moment he's ignoring you — chatting away with his buddy. What should you do? Well, for starters, remember that in terms of needing a good challenge, Gemini is as bad as Aries. Aries, though, is more interested in the chase, whereas Gemini is curious about the possibilities. Gemini loves to always leave a few options open. The excitement of “Will I or won't I?” always plays a part in the Twin drama of the moment.


How do you get Gemini's attention?

In the beginning, don't flirt too much. Flirting indicates you're interested. In Gemini's mind, she's already conquered you. Show her you can have a good conversation and talk to others. If she wants you, she'll find you and make her play.

The Love Game

The saying “split personality” really applies to Gemini on all levels. He's not easy to figure out right away, and you'll hurt your head trying. Just when you feel like the two of you have clicked, he'll pull away. He can even seem a little obsessive at times, but he's nothing like Taurus, Cancer, or Scorpio. For him, it's all part of the love game. Here are a few examples:

  • Gemini romances you all night, and then leaves without saying goodbye.

  • Gemini is always there for you, but the one time you need him the most, he's off resolving another “situation.”• Gemini seems very sensitive and then suddenly appears frighteningly cold and apathetic.

  • He lets you cry for hours on his shoulder and then blames you for being a wuss.

  • Gemini picks a best buddy to hang around with, and then tells you about his friend's shortcomings.

  • Gemini dates the least appropriate person within a mile's radius — especially when people tell him not to.

  • He calls you a million times in one day and then tells you you're being insecure if you ever do the same.

  • As you can see, it's not easy keeping a Gemini blissful. But as a lover, Gemini knows no bounds. He's extremely affectionate to his one and only — when he gets around to choosing her.


    Gemini needs to be out and about. She needs to be social. If she's all work and no play, she's just not a happy camper.

    Gemini can't go for a long time without being in love. He doesn't like to stay alone. You will almost never find two- or three-month stretches when the most

    exciting entry in his calendar reads “Get up, feed dog, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to sleep.”

    The Twin's View on Work

    Most Geminis, in fact, don't really like to work. They do it for their sense of dignity or for money and prestige, but it's rarely because they actually enjoy it. For Gemini, work is a means to an end. Many Gemini women wouldn't mind taking off from work and having their husbands take care of them. Of course, they'd be bored in no time. And, heaven forbid that their husbands might ask them to pick up a vacuum and clean — that would be the end of their time in the house.

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