Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

Surprisingly enough, Capricorn doesn't mind some aggressiveness on your part — at least to get the ball rolling. In fact, he'll probably welcome it. But Capricorn isn't the verbal lover Gemini or Aries or even Sagittarius may be. Actually, he's more likely to joke just to break the tension (and for emotional protection) than to spew out words of love, passion, and dreams of forever after.

The Secret Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is a sought-after candidate for long-term commitment. He worships his family and works hard to take care of everyone around him. He also makes a fantastic father. Capricorn, in bed, can sometimes be a hard nut to crack — depending on the individual. He can hold back; it may even seem that he likes — no, favors — the traditional positions. But when he lets go, his tastes vary across the board. Capricorn men are the first to hide their more “out there” ideas of sex until they really feel comfortable with you. Even then, they may still choose concealment. They have to admit things to themselves, and here lies the true crux of the problem.

Capricorn man may sometimes keep his sexual fantasies bottled up. You can get them out of him, perhaps, by acting shy or inexperienced (even if you're just role-playing). Try playing the virgin — Capricorn will eat it up. In this sense, Virgo woman is actually a good choice for Capricorn man. You can be seductive and aggressive to get him into bed, but once there, let Capricorn take over. Remember, he likes to dominate. He needs to feel like the he-man, the protector.


Most Capricorn men are not big talkers after the act. Whatever you do, do not analyze or comment about the sex unless it's high praise for him! Capricorn is sensitive, thin-skinned when it comes to his masculine pride!

The Secret Capricorn

Like her male counterpart, Capricorn woman is smart with a capital “S.” She can be crafty, too. If she's got it in her mind that she's getting a man into bed, she won't have much trouble with it. If you want to seduce her, there are a few things you can do. Though these may seem stereotypical or over the top, they'll still work. In order to capture Capricorn woman, assure her of at least four of the following six things:

  • She comes before your friends.

  • You understand the way the world works.

  • You know people who can help her get ahead with her career and in life.

  • You have sincere feelings for her.

  • You're not the least bit stingy.

  • You'll be there for her emotionally and financially.

This may make Capricorn woman sound opportunistic or even a little superficial. She's not. She sincerely wants to feel a bond with you — and these things may help her feel more comfortable. From her sheer practical nature, these traits are important to her. Never lie about anything, though. Capricorn can't stand a liar. She's straightforward about herself, so you need to be, too. Jewelry, compliments, and flowers also work well for Capricorn woman but the most important gift you can give her is the knowledge that your love for her is real.

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