Emotional Power

It's sad to see that Capricorn gets a bad reputation for being cold, though. She's anything but. The truth is that Capricorn will hold onto the reins until she knows she can trust you. She also wants to make sure you two are on the same page. Sure, she's not likely to dive into a love situation; if she does, nine times out of ten she has someone in the wings as emotional backup. But when and if she decides it's you, you're likely to have her heart served to you on a silver, gold, or platinum platter.

The Inner Child

Inside of Capricorn man lurks a little boy he doesn't like to show. You can bring this out of him. Make him laugh at himself and the world around him, say things that will impress him, and he's likely to make you the goddess of his heart (this is the same with Capricorn woman). He'll do anything to win and keep you.

What needs to come across here is that you're not a capricious, whimsical, too-free-spirit type who's likely to hang him emotionally out to dry or to drop money too easily. (He'll prompt you and poke you to say that you are! Don't fall into this trap!)


Capricorn is definitely not stingy. However, he's also not necessarily the financial whiz that most astrologers make him out to be. No matter. Even though his funds may be modest, Capricorn is still likely to be interested in financial security.

Capricorn is always attracted to this breath of fresh air; for instance, Capricorn is instinctively enamored by generous, expensive-tasted, big-hearted Leo, but he will intuitively fear this kind of person at the same time. In fact, he will do his best not to get too emotionally involved because he senses that the combo will not work. Why? He hates to fail. Will it? No. Not if you know how to put yourself in the best light and show off your greatest assets.

The Critical Capricorn

Like Virgo, Capricorn almost always takes himself too seriously. He's self-mocking at times and deliberately critical. In fact, he's likely to father you; telling you what you need to do and how you need to do it. You can stand up to Capricorn, but don't defend yourself. You must make sure you let him know that yes, he's right, and that you will immediately make the appropriate changes.


The juxtaposition here is that Capricorn — man or woman, alike — wants a vulnerable, soft mate who will be dependent and reliable at the same time … emotionally and financially.

If you don't, Capricorn will think you have your own agenda — one that doesn't agree with his. He will never appreciate this about you the way other independent cardinal signs like Aries or Libra would. Capricorn needs to dominate — especially Capricorn man. So let Capricorns in general think they're in charge — especially with money issues.

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