Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

A Cancer will never directly say he wants to go to bed. He'll hint and maybe even joke about it, but then he'll claim he was just kidding — even when he wasn't. If he's joking about it with you, chances are he'd jump at the chance if offered to him. Cancers like sex — or rather, they like passionate sex. They feel their way through it. And they're versatile. One day, they'll want to go on for hours and the next be happy with a quick encounter. Let's talk about some of the differences between Cancer man and woman in love and bed.

The Secret Cancer Man

The Cancer man is a little confusing. He flirts continuously, never seeming to get enough of women — in fact, he doesn't know what he wants. But in truth, when Cancer man gets hold of his moods and grows up, he can be a wonderful mate. He's a great lover: attentive and sexual. If you want to have a fling with him, keep in mind that it may be short-lived. He'll show you all the attention in the world and make you feel like a goddess, but he probably won't call again. More likely, he'll show up at your door when he's been jilted by some current main squeeze. And once his self-confidence returns, he'll disappear again.


What's the one sure way to get a Crab man into bed?

Grab him. Cancer man will happily let himself be seduced by an aggressive woman. If he's unsure or dawdling about, the direct approach will work with him. Don't bother with words, just show him what you want with action.

The Secret Cancer Woman

Let Cancer woman talk, and show her that you really understand her. She's looking for a connection — however flimsy. She'll fill in the gaps. She tends to go for a he-man, whether that means macho, sexy, dominant, or noble. She's pretty flexible on dates. Though she can dress to the nines, she'd also be up for a hayride or a water amusement park date, for example. Cancer also loves to just hang out in front of the television. She's a complete lover of lighting candles about the house and giving or getting massages.


If you give Cancer woman a sense of sexy and comforted at the same time, you'll have a great chance of seducing her all the way into your lair. Cook for her, and she may marry you tomorrow.

Almost all Cancer women are also open-minded and New-Age oriented in some way. Seduce her by showing her you like the same spiritual books she likes or that you at least appreciate what she's interested in. She'll like you more for it. Cancer woman can also be touchy-feely, and she likes big hugs and two strong arms to make her feel protected.

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