The Art of Attraction

It's stupid to play games in love, right? Wrong. Aries will almost never go for the easy target. For Aries, man or woman, the chase is essential and lends to the excitement. In fact, add a sense of “hope we don't get caught,” and you've found yourself a winning plan. Granted, this will only work for the beginning period of the courtship. Read on to determine what will keep an Aries by your side.

The Long Haul

Sure, Aries seems jealous and possessive. He is, to a point — though not to the degree of Scorpio, Cancer, or even Virgo. Truthfully, Aries simply cannot imagine someone would actually leave him for another … and he's usually right. He's sexy and charming — dashing, even. With Aries, jealousy is almost a test, as in, “Let's see how much my partner loves me.” And with that answer, he'll be free to go back to more important tasks — typically related to career and work.


Aries wants a stable partner; one who's emotionally balanced and independent. Aries will also control the situation by seeking out security. If you're faithful and know how to stand up to Aries, you've got a mate for life.

Aries is also always quite sure of himself and of the situation at hand, even if the cockiness is not warranted. There's a reason for this, too. Aries craves security. She seeks it out. While a Capricorn gives a sense of stability, Aries is strangely drawn to it. She won't put herself in a position that's not 150 percent solid. It's okay for an Aries to stray, but if she thinks her partner is unfaithful (or intends to cheat), she won't hesitate to move on.

Speaking of independence, Aries needs to know that you have your own life, your own friends, career, and outside interests. Aries distrusts clingers and doesn't want an overly jealous mate (though some jealousy helps him feel secure). If you're out of work, don't stay that way for long. Aries won't tolerate it.

Here's another secret about the Ram — he's a social beast. If not for any other reason, Aries likes to be out there, ready to butt heads with others, ready to defend his cause. He needs to be noticed and recognized for his cool savvy, his sharp business sense, and for his charm. Aries is almost never a nerd. He's always on the lookout for contacts, whether professional or personal. Aries will also go in spurts, partying regularly and then staying home for periods of time. If you want to keep Aries, let him do what he needs to do. Live your life, and make room for him in it. He'll push his way back when he's ready.

He/She: The Little Stuff Counts

Like other Fire signs, Aries loves to be worshipped. Unlike Leo, who tends to be more modest about it, Aries puts it out there, letting you build up her ego as much as you can. She deserves it, she believes, after all. Insult Aries in a hard-nosed or vulgar way, and you'll be heading in the wrong direction. Present an issue to Aries delicately, on a politically correct platter, and you'll earn the respect of any Aries, male or female.

Aries' Style

Aries people have a particular fashion sense, and it's usually not conservative. Styles range from funky to slick to mod and even weird. They'll expect you to have one of your own. They want a mate to look good on their arm. That said, Aries women, for instance, like distinguished-looking men. Though she herself may have a colorful style, she often likes a man who dresses in a conventional way. Aries men, on the other hand, admire a woman who can look feminine and still look sexy with bold garments, like leather pants and a jacket with a low-cut silk top.


Aries is practical when it comes to finding a love partner. He also leans toward the tidy side of the spectrum. If a would-be mate of Aries man ever left lipstick on the pillowcase, for example, it would be the quick cause of a no-nonsense dismissal.

All in all, Aries tends to be a little selfish. You may want to look elsewhere for a compliment, though subtle flattery works on Aries, himself. If you want to know how you look, ask someone else. You'll just get a “good” or “fine” mumbled on his way out. On top of that, Aries can be turned off by unsure or wishy-washy comportment.

In short, Aries likes a mate with bold moves. She likes to be surprised. Show her to a place she's never heard of, spend a little money, and be outrageous. Too much mystery will not cause Aries to stall. She'll follow you to the ends of the earth to conquer you. Don't let her — at least, not right away.

The Sex Issue

… Which leads us to the topic of sex. Aries has a hearty appetite for it and is also quite good at the sport. He'll expect you to know your way around the bedroom, too — though he may have to convince himself first that it's more than just another roll in the hay. Press too hard or pressure to move ahead too quickly, and Aries will beat a hasty retreat to the door. Because he's intuitive, he'll happily let you manipulate him with sex, but only if and when it's his will at the moment. Aries eventually thinks ahead to the long-term, though, even if his attentions waver at any given moment. So find a good balance with this exciting, unpredictable creature, and do read on.

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