Pillow Talk: Signs in the Bedroom

One word here: Grab! Aquarius is impressed by bold, outrageous moves. You can seduce her before you've even won her heart. Just keep in mind that Aquarius, more than any other sign in the zodiac, can absolutely separate love from sex. She will sleep with whomever, wherever, whenever she wants. No compunction, no regrets.


Aquarius never goes for shy partners. She instinctively looks for people who can dominate her. This is even true of Aquarius men, to a degree. Aquarius always needs to look up to a partner.

But sex is very important to Aquarius. You can make Aquarius fall in love in this way. He'll get used to you, addicted to you if you see him over a period of time. This is an excellent way to sneak up on Aquarius. Before you know it, you'll have him. And he'll be yours, too.

The Secret Aquarius Man

Bright, lively, fascinating even, this man can get you to talk — and how! Here is where you need to be extra careful. Aquarius man looks for a few things in a love mate. He'll be friendly and gregarious, but all the while, he's watching for warning signs. He knows what he doesn't want. Look at the following list. If you give Aquarius an idea that you are any of these things, he will run the other way:

  • Needy

  • Clingy

  • Neurotic in any way

  • Lacking a good group of friends

  • Too possessive

  • Insecure

  • A wallflower

  • A hawk, in terms of your politics (Aquarius wants peace)

  • Not interested in travel

  • Friends are important to Aquarius man. If you try to rule his life, or tell him not to go out too much, he'll do exactly the opposite of what you say.


    Aquarius man wants to see the world a better place. Show him you're interested in saving the planet, charity, animals, and/or starving children. Mass-produced items (including designer brand names) are, according to him, bourgeois. He will need to know your ideals mirror his own.

    Aquarians are born rebels. They live to go against the grain. They need to learn something new every day and can't stand to be bored. If you want an Aquarius man, let him win you. Show him you've got a life, a million things that interest you, and let him know you know how wonderful you are. He'll catch on.

    The Secret Aquarius Woman

    This woman has more fans than any of the other signs. People are drawn to her. Men are attracted to her. Why? She seems so down-to-earth, so tranquil and caring. In truth, she does empathize with almost anyone. Put Aquarius in a room full of people where she doesn't belong, and she'll still come out having every person in the place wanting to be her friend. She can rub shoulders with the lot of them. She's a chameleon. And she's no snob — not ever.


    Aquarius woman can make love when she's not in love … she's just ten times more likely to “finish” when she is. Try as they do to go against the grain, Aquarian woman, to their dismay, actually do need to be in love to experience good lovemaking.

    What interests her? The weird, the strange, the unusual — that's what. Take her to an ethnic restaurant, preferably one where you can sit on the floor on cushions. Eye contact is very important here. Seduce her with deep, sensual, sexy stares. Always be yourself, though. Aquarius can smell a fake from a mile away. Ask her what she wants — she'll tell you. Ask her what her fantasies are. She may just describe them to you. Get her to open up, and she'll feel more connected to you. That's the secret. You'll have her.

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