Try Journaling

Keeping a journal helps you express yourself, your inner feelings, and fears in a safe environment. Journal writing can be a source of healing and strength while you go through the breast cancer journey. There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal. Expressing yourself in writing helps to identify what you are feeling. This self-awareness helps to clarify your thoughts. As you travel the journey of breast cancer, you are bombarded with many feelings, fears, and concerns. Keeping a journal can not only be enlightening, but can awaken your creative ability. Ira Progoff's book, At a Journal Workshop, explains his method as a process of self-discovery and recognition that comes by beginning to reflect on the stepping stones in life. The events that have shaped a person's life so far are the stepping stones. You can call upon journal writing at a time of crisis, but it is available to you at all times in the life cycle. Journaling during breast cancer treatment or joining a writing group with other survivors can be a support to you that travels with you along the way. Your journal will hold in sacred trust your feelings, fears, hopes, and life experiences. Journaling is a self-healing process and spiritual journey as you go through breast cancer treatment.

Journal writing begins at different places for each person who travels the breast cancer journey. Your journal can begin with the discovery, the diagnosis, or the waiting period. You can write about your daily travels, the events of the day, and the feelings that accompany them. You can write about the friends, family, and health-care providers who are your supports along the way. Journal writing can help you express how you are feeling about what is happening to and in your body, including concerns regarding sexuality, hair loss, and fatigue symptoms. As you go through your experiences and process your thoughts and feelings through journal writing, you learn about yourself, your beliefs, and your inner resources. This recognition empowers you through your breast cancer treatment and adds clarity and depth to your experience.

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