How Far Off the Grid Are You Able to Go?

For many, moving up to a secluded spot nestled next to Yellowstone National Park with nothing but the pine trees, bears, and moose as neighbors could seem ideal. But, you need to realistically decide how far off the grid you can go. Here are some things you need to consider:

Health Care

If you are newly married and are planning to have children, or already have children, you don’t want to be 200 miles away from the nearest hospital, unless you have the kind of training or experience that makes you capable of giving emergency medical attention to your family members. And, even if you have that training, what happens if you are the one who gets hurt?

Cellular Phone Linkage

With modern technology and a good satellite provider, you can have Internet and television access almost anywhere in the world. The problem comes when you are trying to get cell phone linkage, because you need to be able to bounce off a tower. There are still many places throughout the United States and the world that don’t have cell coverage.

Access to Mass Transportation

If you need to fly occasionally, you need to decide how close you want to be to an airport. Luckily, today there are a number of secondary airports that feed into major airports. Even a relatively small city like Dubuque, Iowa, has an airport that feeds into Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Depending on frequency of flights, you should decide how long you want to travel to get to an airport.

Access to “Civilization”

There are many other conveniences you might not want to sacrifice with your new off-grid lifestyle. Do you want to occasionally go to a movie or out to dinner? Will you need to go grocery shopping on a regular basis? Will your children take piano, ballet, gymnastics, or other lessons? Do you want to live near a library or in a college town?

Remember, it’s not realistic for you to believe that you could “commute in” for many of these activities. If you are living a completely off-grid lifestyle, you won’t have time to spend several hours driving back and forth. You need to be brutally honest with yourself before you make any decisions!

All of these different variables are important for you to consider as you decide how far off the grid you want to live.

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